Shiver Me Timbers!


Baby, it’s cold outside! Yesterday, as a meager sun melted small bits of snow on the balcony above us, the water dripped down and froze solid as it hit this metal plant bracket.

How cold is it?  The low last night was -27°C, which translates to -18°F.  Plenty cold enough!  This Arctic-cold snap is to carry through until the first of next week.

To make matters worse, we woke this morning to a power outage in these bitterly cold temps, and worst of all, had to go without that first morning  jolt of coffee!  Thankfully, power has been restored, I’m on my second cup, and all’s well.


As a side note, for any who may be interested, I’m putting together a separate page for my poetry.  There will be a tab for it at the top of this page when it’s ready, hopefully, later today.  I’m in the process of adding a few photos to accompany some of the poems.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers!”

  1. Our timbers are shivering too. However to you a -2F sounds balmy no doubt. I do hope your power stays on. Those are dangerous temps you are having.

    I will look forward to your poetry blog. That will be fun. Poetry is in the air today. I have been to two other sites that have haiku on them. I just love haiku, well any poetry but haiku is such fun. I have an art blog where I sometimes post poetry.

  2. Glad your power’s back on Nancy! We’re up to a balmy 13 below zero at the moment. It’s a bit chilly inside here, as our furnace can’t quite keep up with the cold.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your poetry page.

    Keep warm!

  3. It is a great day for blogging away by the fire, watch the birdies through the window, and have chicken and dumplings for lunch. :)

  4. Not a good time for a power outage! Glad it’s back on, it would be brutal to go without coffee, especially with temps like these.

    Try to stay warm!

  5. That would be the last straw-no power! Glad you got it back, but feel sorry for those folks out working on the lines.

    We are only supposed to get down to -3º tonight. That will feel balmy!

  6. Those icicles sure are pretty-too bad you’ve got to endure the accompanying weather. Glad to hear your electricity is back on though. All of your pictures are beautiful!

  7. I cannot imagine living in temperatures as cold as you guys have – glad you have power now – the thought of no coffee first thing – eek :(
    I shall watch out for your poetry tab.

  8. Oh Nancy, That is frigid weather! I’ll miss your poems here with wonderful photos, but promise to visit them at any other blog you start! gail

    Not a new blog, Gail, just a new page on this one. :) And I’ll still be posting poems regularly here — this is just a way to keep them all in one place.

  9. Shivering here too, but only -6ºF (-21C) here this morning….balmy compared to you!
    Ice and snow glistening in the sun is beautiful…especially when you’re inside, looking out!
    Oh, how horrible to have a power outage at those temps! I’m glad it’s back on and you’ve had coffee to revive you :)
    Great idea to add a page for your lovely poetry.
    Rug and and stay warm!

  10. Phew! B and I were extra cold marching around outside today, but you have us beat! I hear the clipper is moving on out soon, though! We’re going to be in the 30s tomorrow: Hooray!

  11. Nancy girl ! .. I freak with any power outage and we are very lucky to have almost nil ! .. It is minus 18 this morning .. I think we are going to hit a hit of -13 ..
    I love the new ID picture of the Daff : )
    Hope springs eternal ?? LOL … so far yet so near …. in our brain cells that is !

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