GBBD-0109: Winter Gift


The only thing in bloom in my garden on this frigid, mid-January day is this white hyacinth, but what a fragrant beauty it is.


With the promise of more blooms to come.


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted on the fifteenth of each month by Carol of May Dreams Garden.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

37 thoughts on “GBBD-0109: Winter Gift”

  1. Nancy, these images are pure poetry!!!

    Thank you so much, kompoStella!

    for the first time in more than twenty years i don’t have hyacinths this winter as there’s simply no room because of all the pelargoniums. but oh, how i miss them and oh, how my eyes keep seeking the cupboard that holds the pretty vases i use to grow them in…
    thank you for sharing these images, they are a softener to my hyacinth-longing!

    I’m glad you enjoyed my little offering – I’d love to see some of your geraniums…I must stop by!

  2. Your hyacinths have such pretty blossoms. They are so appreciated in the winter, when such beauty is hard to find outdoors. I love to watch the indoor bulbs open, since you can study them frequently.

    You’re right – they go through so many stages as they open to bloom. I’ll do a mosaic when all the buds have opened. :) Thanks for the idea.

  3. What a lovely bloom Nancy. I bet you couldn’t hardly wait to share it with us. I am delighted. I can almost smell it.

    This time of year, I get such enjoyment out of seeing gardens in much warmer climes…it sort of keeps you going through the snow, cold and other yuck. :) I’m happy to share this little bulb.

  4. I have a weakness for white blooms…oh so lovely! You are right blooms in the winter are certainly a gift, Kim

    Strictly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of white blooms, but I do love these! Did you know that all white blooms are the most fragrant? :)

  5. This flower brings back wonderful memories of time spent with my Gradnmother….. there is something in their aroma that is the true essence of spring… and with the cold weather and snow, I’ll take every early sign I can find…. thank you for warming this cold January morning!

    PS- thank you for ‘faving’ my blog, its greatly appreciated!

    You’re welcome, on both counts. I look forward to exploring your blog further. It’s amazing how certain scents can bring back a rush of memories.

  6. Gorgeous blossoms! Don’t you just love the wonderful spicy scent?! :)

    I do, indeed. The fragrance of this one little bulb is strong enough to fill the living room with scent. :)

  7. Oh the light on those blooms are just gorgeous. It is making me regret not forcing any bulbs.

    This was a $2 special at our local supermarket. My hubby has a knack for finding great buys like this…either that, or he just feels sorry for them, though he’s not much of a gardener himself. Or maybe he just feels sorry for ME! Yah, that’s it. :-)

  8. A beautiful hyacinth. I planted a hyacinth in a special glass, and its got a few little roots, and some shoot, but it is not very energetic. I was happy to be able to post the humorous Inauguration Poppies as one of my two GBBD posts.

    I’ll be checking out your poppies, CW! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Beautiful Nancy. It’s the one you show in your sidebar, right? It turned out so very pretty. It is so spring-like:)


    Hi Jan — yes, that’s the one…the only thing I have blooming right now. It does help dispel some of the cold and dreariness of these grey days. :)

  10. They look a little bit like jasmine flowers. Super photos!

    They do, and smell a bit like them, too. I had stephanotis in my bridal bouquet many moons ago and it reminds me a bit of that as well. :)

  11. It’s as white as the snow, but much more lovely to spring-starved eyes, I’ll bet. Hang in there.

    It seems so distant now, but spring will be here before we know it. Until then, I guess most of us have to be content with what will grow in pots. :)

  12. Nancy .. smelling those reminds me of Easter .. they are so nice to have .. I haven’t done bulbs in a while, now every time I see someone else’s I want them too !
    Great pictures : )

  13. Oh Nancy, that is the prettiest of all hyacinth colors, what a great gift. I can smell it through the screen too, and what a great shot, the lighting is magical!

  14. I love hyacinths! I eagerly watch their buds in the spring, waiting for them to open and release their fragrance. Wish I had potted some indoors for this winter. Lovely, Nancy!

  15. Oh man, that reminds me that I need to go check and see if any of my hyacinths are even coming up yet! Probably not, too cold here. Lovely scent they have, almost intoxicating especially indoors. Love your pure white ones!

  16. The hyacinth is very lovely. I love white flowers and I love scented flowers. Your hyacinth scores high on both points. My mother used to grow them but for some reason I’ve never tried them. After seeing your photos, I think I should.

  17. Lovely, Nancy, and also wise. We’re not frozen in Austin, but hyacinths planted outside in my garden usually come up stunted and the fragrance doesn’t waft. Your forced bulbs let you feel the full impact of petals and scent. Happy GBBD!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  18. I could almost smell it, your photos are so wonderful! I’m still waiting on my Hyacinth, but it’s only a green nub. I think Hyacinths are better as forced bulbs than out in the garden. We appreciate them so much more.

  19. You have a beautiful blog Nancy. And that hyacinth looks so pristine and for some reason, calming to me. btw, I like your bird pictures too.

  20. Hyacinths are such a treat! I love those dainty clusters of blossoms, and oh, that wonderful perfume! I had a pot of whites last year. Just beautiful. None this year, sad to say. I’ll just have to wait ’til spring….unless I can find one to buy already started…… :)
    I keep wondering how the non-smoking project is going. How are you doing? Whatever progress you’ve made (or not), keep the faith and hang in there. It’s a hard fight to win, I’m sure. Don’t give up…you can do it!

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