11 thoughts on “If It’s Rain You Need…”

  1. Sounds just like the rain storm we had last night. I’ve done that with a group of girls at Guide camp, not quite the professional touch as that video but lots of fun to do.

    That would be so much fun to do with a large group. :)

  2. Just used the Pick Me button for Blotancial. clicked it, it took me to the picks page, I had to log in, then it took me back to your blog, and I clicked again and went back to the picks page and was the first person to pick this post.

  3. I love this pick me button! Wow, and of course I love the video.


    Crafty & Jen — I’ve been helping Stuart test the Pick Me button, so your comments are most welcome. The code for this will be available for everyone shortly — I’m sure Stuart will post about it soon. :) It does make it easy, I think.

  4. You know what else I love…….

    NOT having to fill out those silly captchas. I honestly hate them, after thinking about a comment, and taking the time to write it, then I need to unravel those nasty letters. And then at that point I usually screw it up, and the comment is lost in space, so I don’t bother to rewrite it again.

    I know that some people are having difficulties with the spammers, but I still hate the captchas. [ Probably spelled it wrong also.]

    As a blogger who also reads many blogs each day, [90+] not having to tackle them makes my day so much smoother.

    There, now I have had my little rant, and I am happy, the storm has passed.


    LOL Jen! I don’t care for them either, though it doesn’t stop me from visiting or leaving a comment, but I tend to ALWAYS type them wrong the first time…and that’s annoying, even though it’s my fault. :)

  5. Very neat! I turned it up too loud and the thunder came. I wasn’t expecting it!

    Nor was I. :) Not the first time I’ve been caught off guard by an unexpected thundershower!

  6. Very nice!

    We do need rain – so if my old anthropology course in ritual and symbolism was on to something, I should be playing this very loudly to produce a little sympathetic magic and get the rains started here.

    Hope the neighbours don’t mind :-)

    Let me know if it worked! :)

  7. That was fun and so was the pickme button…Nancy. People are so creative…what a joy to stumble upon them. (BTW, I agree with Jen…about the capcha programs. I have had two or three spammers in the 18 mos I’ve blogged…they can be deleted quite easily!) gail

    Hi Gail! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. :) I thought the video was so creative, too.

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