Wordless Wednesday – 12 Aug 09

First Better Boy...(First Better Boy!)



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 12 Aug 09”

  1. Nancy girl .. excellent photo !!
    I love seeing all the details .. every hair is standing on end : )

    I probably scared it half to death! Hee! Thanks, Joyful!

  2. Nancy,

    Simple and yet elegant, well done! The boken background really sets out the subject well also.

    Thanks so much, Randy! I’m so pleased to have your visit. :)

  3. Hooray for you, Nancy! The joy of the first tomato is something we all experience, then forget as the crop comes in. Thank you for bringing back the excitement of that moment!

    Thank YOU for sharing it with me. :)

  4. No words necessary–the excitement of waiting for that first ripe tomato speaks for itself. I’ve never noticed before the dried blossom on the end of the growing tomato–cool picture!

  5. Wordless and wonderful, especially since I just went out to my tomato row and realized that the dreaded late blight has struck. I have to find a big trash bag to load up really beautiful (formerly) plants and take them to the dump. I’ll be getting most of my tomatoes from the farmers market.

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