Do Birds Make Snow Angels?



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

19 thoughts on “Do Birds Make Snow Angels?”

  1. That must have been a rather large bird!

    I hope you are staying warm today; here in the US Midwest, we are also having snowstorms and bitter cold. I enjoyed your info about the “Red Sky” warning; I had read some of this before. Isn’t it interesting that many old wives’ tales or superstitions are grounded in fact, even though they didn’t have the scientific explanation for it long ago.

    Hi Rose — I believe the “snow angel” was made by a pigeon. The lady in the apartment directly below me feeds them. :-/

  2. It’s heart-shaped! Was it really from a bird? Or am I missing a humorous joke (I’m usually kind of slow on the up-take:)

    It really was made by a bird. :) There were several of these just outside my window after our last snowfall. :) I’m not sure the birds *knew* they were making angels, though!

    Anyway, it’s a pretty snow-angel!

    I have NO SNOW to report, yet:( I have no idea if or when we will be getting any! Usually we have snow by now so I don’t know what’s going on. I really WANT it! While you and so many others cannot wait for it to GO AWAY!

    I love the snow, but I’ll share. :)

    Send some to me, please??!!

  3. I know I’m in the minority here, but I love pigeons! That’s some mighty fluffy-looking snow you have there! Cheers and stay warm!

    I don’t really mind pigeons to look at, but I detest the mess they leave behind. :) Yes, it was super fluffy snow…the sort you can blow away with a breath. Snow angel snow. :)

  4. WOW… amazing! This is great – thank you for sharing. I am glad I clicked over here from Joeys’ wonderful garden blog.

    ENJOY the Snow and please be safe.

  5. I have never seen that and would feel very special if I did. What was it doing when it made that?

    Anna, I’m assuming that the bird was half flying, half hopping in the new fall of very deep, very fluffy snow — or perhaps just using the wings to steady itself. I believe it was a pigeon that made them (there were three “angels”) judging from the size, and they do tend to flop around some times as they are often full of lice. Another reason why they’re not my favorite bird, though they are prettily marked. :)

  6. You have such a good eye! You see things that so many miss, Nancy. Great shot. Oh, and I love the new pic of your grandson. He looks so much older in this pose.

    Hello Nan. :) Thank you for your kind comments — and yes, little Nolan is growing so fast. He’s so much more a little boy now than a baby, though he’s only 2 + 4 months old. Erin told me this morning that he’d grown 3 cms (over an inch) since the end of Nov (monthly Diabetic checkup yesterday). His Daddy is several inches over 6′, so I imagine he’ll be fairly tall too. He’s such a joy…and has a sweet personality. :-)

  7. None of the birds here have made snow angels, that I’ve noticed. I don’t have pigeons, (thankfully). I’ll be on the lookout next time we have a deep snow.

    Cool discovery!

  8. This is of great interest to me , since I recently discovered a heart shape on my deck, next to where I feed the birds. It is simply amazing.

    I did take a picture and actually posted the picture and wrote a short blog at .

    Please stop by and take a look. This is unbelievable !

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