A Rustic Garden Shed

This is another photo taken some time ago on the Bond family farm.  This little building was always referred to as “the sheep house” — whether they ever actually had sheep in it, I couldn’t say.  It’s not very large and looks like it might once have been part of an entryway to a house, church, or other building; it has a window on each side and, at one time, must have had a lovely glass insert above the door.

I’ve always thought it would make a rustic little garden shed, if one could move it.  Indeed, it housed some simple garden tools in the latter part of its life — shovels, hoes, buckets, etc.  But eventually, the panes of glass slipped out, the door fell off its rusty hinges, and the moss-encrusted roof began to leak, exposing any contents to the weather.

I still think the building has a certain charm.  I wish I could know all the stories it has to tell.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

21 thoughts on “A Rustic Garden Shed”

  1. I’m a sucker for old farm buildings, or old buildings period. They have a charm all their own. Lay your palm against any particularly old building such as this one and you can practically feel their heartbeat in the creakings and snappings of constant settling. Kinda like our bodies do as we age ourselves, eh? Whoa…that was kinda deep…too deep for a morning yet without coffee…

    You’re right, Debi — I love old buildings, too. They have such character, and perhaps that’s just our imagination conjuring up what used to be, or wondering what may have been. Yup, I can feel this old bod creak and groan some mornings! :)

  2. I like that doorway! Even the shingles on the sides. I usually like more modern things (I have dreams of a writing shed out back) but this certainly charming. Fix it up! Save it so maybe one day you can use it, or someone else! Sounds like a fun project to me.

    Ah, would that I could. :) The farm has been sold. It certainly would be a great project!

  3. Hi Nancy, some day you can build a shed with that in your memory as a model. I love the windows, the shingles, the arched doorway, it does look important yet rustic. Wonderful.


  4. Oh Nancy, what a wonderful shed. Too bad you can’t refurb it for your own use. It looks like it could tell many stories of interest.

  5. I love Frances idea (if it’s sold to someone else) at least use it as a model to someday build your own. These pictures are incredible. If you are still thinking of selling some, these should definitely be included. I think they would have a broad appeal.

  6. Nancy … this shed glows of character. There are so many amazing out buildings in N.S. that you could spend weeks and weeks traveling and snapping pictures of them. I remember even as a child, in Cape Breton along the very eastern coast being almost hypnotized by buildings such as these .. I can’t explain the attraction but it was wonderful !

  7. As always, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments — I can see you agree that this would make a wonderful garden shed. Unfortunately, (a) the farm has been sold and (b) I live in an apartment at present, so even if I could obtain the building, I have no place to put it. However, I would certainly build one from the same design when space and budget allow! :)

  8. Can you just pack it up and send it southward to Ohio? That would be perfect for Our Little Acre! How I long for a potting shed (and greenhouse, for that matter).

  9. Oh my! it is grand! you know I love it and have written about the stories that are housed within the walls of old buildings. I have kept up with your story and am so anxious for you as you make plans and dream about living amongst your roots. It connected with me cause I always felt displaced until we moved to my current home.

    There is nothing historical about my new home except the land. It belonged to the first of my people who settled her in the mid 1700’s. I did not know that when we bought it. It just felt right. So hang on to your apple crunching hopes because it is written in your heart to own those dreams.

  10. Thank you for sharing the photos, Nancy. Who knows! Maybe someone in your readership will someday build one similar as they see it in their memory of your post.

  11. Coming from a farm family sheds such as the one pictured had many uses over the years. I’m sure the shed housed small animals to tool storage, as well as other uses needed at the time. I like the design a lot and it would make a great tool or gardening shed.

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