My Generous Bloomers

I promise this is the last geranium photo I’ll share for this year, but as a cold rain started to fall, I quickly snapped another photo of the plants that keep on giving!  They certainly are prolific bloomers with lots of buds left to open.  As Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, this is one of the many things I’m thankful for this October — these generous bloomers have been a constant bright spot through a mostly dreary summer and on into Autumn’s shorter, cooler days.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “My Generous Bloomers”

  1. My pretty red geranium was beautiful until just about a week ago. It’s starting to look a bit bedraggled now. Leaves are yellowing. I may have watered it too much…

  2. Geraniums are grand. They give so much and expect so little in return – the pots I gave my mother are still blooming like silly fools – Mother’s Day until Thanksgiving – 6 months of happiness.

  3. oh no! really? the last one? i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again; i never get tired of pelargonium pictures.
    the big one on the right is gorgeous – did you plant to in one pot or is the difference in colour due to the light?

  4. The geraniums never fail to please me. :) kompoStella, there are three plants in one fairly large pot, but I never dreamed they’d grow quite this large. They seem to like their crowded quarters, though. There’s a red, a magenta pink, and a salmon together. The railing planter also contains three plants — a light pink and flamingo pink of one traditional type, and a softer pink ivy geranium. They were planted very late in the season and are just now coming into their own. I suspect one of these mornings, I’ll find the frost has taken them, but until then, I’ll continue to cover them on cold nights so they continue to add a wonderful splash of color just outside the window. :) They are generous bloomers, indeed!

  5. How often do you fertilize them. I am so fond of geraniums for their smell and blooms. I’m going to try and save mine this winter. I have heard you can trim them back, wash the soil from the roots, and store upside down in a cool place.

    I think they like your weather better than our heat. I get lots of foliage but less blooms. Interesting you said that they like being crowded as my neighbor has kept one alive in the same pot and soil for 5 years. I think that is quite extraordinary.

  6. Can you picture my eyes popping out of my head? And my skin developping a green tinge? I’m sure you can… I’m so, so eaten up with envy!
    I would love to grow geraniums. In Mumbai (Bombay ). Sigh! The few times I’ve managed to find one measly little plant for sale were when I travelled to a cold-climate hill-station. I brought them back, filled with hope and expectation but one look at the hot, humid Mumbai weather and my poor geranium started gasping. Then it dipped its toe in our sticky, clay-ey Mumbai soil and gave up the ghost : (
    But I never give up (or learn) . The next time I find one more geranium, I’m sure I’ll have hopes again and try all over again.

  7. hullo again –
    ah, ok, three in one pot. it’s a very pretty mix.
    inspired by all this pelargonium talk, i wrote a “how to get yours through the winter” post over at my flower blog. after all it’s the only flower i claim to know anything about ;-) and then i can’t bear the thought of them dying all over the world… :-D

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