4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Simplicity)”

  1. Being from the land of the big trees and mountains everywhere to look at such a simple seen with just the sky and the grass is amazing…and so peaceful! Kim

    I’m glad you like it, Kim…it’s a beautiful area. This hill rises from the banks of a fast moving river…a photo for another post, perhaps. :)

  2. I am from Nova Scotia. Dartmouth to be exact. I moved to Ontario to find work after college (some 25 years ago). I try to get home every few years to visit my family. Love the azaleas. They are hard to grow here.

    Hi Jennifer — it’s always nice to meet a fellow Bluenoser. :) I live in Windsor, so not so far from Dartmouth. I peeked at your blog and I’ll be back for a longer visit!

  3. I would love to be standing up there? I have a question about wordless wednesday. Is there a sign up place, or do people just post? Oh, that is two questions!

    I left a note for you in comments on your last post. And thanks for your visit, Sandy!

  4. It looks so peaceful. It also looks like a microsoft screen, so watch out for Bill Gates. I’m joking. jim

    LOL, I never really thought about that, Jim, but you’re right. :)

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