14 thoughts on “The Colour of Winter”

  1. Nancy girl .. that RED really stands out doesn’t it ? Nothing like red berries against white snow : ) I love that quote too .. how true is that !!
    PS .. Springs seems a long long way .. BIG sigh !

  2. Stunning!!! We actually had snow here yesterday and I couldn’t stay indoors. Both snow and gray skies bring out every color, don’t they? This is so beautiful!

  3. I discovered rose hips at a remarkably late age, lol. In fact, I had heard of the teas before I really got into the hips. Thankfully, this was long ago and I can admit stuff like that now. But rose hips to me are one of those Winter Delights that somehow emit a different air than the harshness of Winter Time. They “abide” somehow, offering Vitamin Energy and hope for me.

  4. Nancy, for a balcony gardener you certainly catch a whole lot more than what’s actually on your balcony. Great photo! It inspires me to leave more hips on the roses that don’t really need to be pruned back and covered for the winter.

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