Through a Bedroom Window

While watching the world go by just outside my bedroom window this cool, grey morning, I was surprised by all the early spring colour that was on display.  We’re weeks away from full leaf, but some of those distant trees certainly appear to be making ready.  It’s almost like a wash of autumn hues.

I love this tree that is almost directly across the street from us.  I’m not even sure what it is, but those yellowish branches make a statement against the greening pasture.  The tree at the base was struck by lightning a couple of summers ago.

I watched Mr. Crow settle himself on the top of the dead tree, preening his wet feathers.  It’s a drizzly morning here in Windsor town, but perfect for capturing some early spring colour.  I believe he or she were waiting for their mate–crows mate for life–but I hope they’re not thinking of nesting in this poor old tree.  There’s very little cover and it’s not that far off the ground.

I had company at the window this morning.  Someone else had an eye trained on that crow. :)

Ms. Forsythia is making a gallant effort to display her spring finery, but I’ll wait for another day to share her lemony frock.