Wabi Sabi August

“This was one of those perfect…days in late summer where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight, like a spy, through the ripening country-side, and, with feigned sympathy for those who droop with August heat, puts her cool cloak of bracing air about leaf and flower and human shoulders.”  – Sarah Orne Jewett

To all those in Irene’s path, take good care.

Crazy For Daisies

Ox-eyed Daisy

I arrived back home this evening after spending a wonderful week with daughter Erin, Sebastian, and grandson, Nolan.  Erin’s doing amazingly well after her surgery, though her complete recovery will undoubtedly require much patience, but she made great strides in the past week.  As you can see from the new photo in my sidebar, grandson Nolan is growing up so fast and is nothing short of adorable, inside and out. :)

Thanks to all my regular readers for your continued visits while I was in NB, and to everyone who expressed good wishes for Erin’s surgery.