A Heart For Valentine’s Day

Must, bid the Morn awake!
Sad Winter now declines,
Each bird doth choose a mate;
This day’s Saint Valentine’s.
For that good bishop’s sake
Get up and let us see
What beauty it shall be
That Fortune us assigns.
~ Michael Drayton


Poor Posy Pots: The First of August

Lavender ivy geranium

It’s hard to believe that July has disappeared and August is upon us.  Hopefully, it brings better weather than we experienced in July!  My poor, pathetic pots have taken a beating this summer…I think the summer of 2010 will be remembered as The Garden That Wasn’t.  Sigh.

If you discount the fact that there’s a Terra Cotta Gerbera daisy somewhere in the back of this pot — not in bloom, of course — then I guess this lavender ivy geranium is pretty enough.  As always, the geraniums take the prize, hands down, for their tough factor.

Lavender ivy geranium blooms
Caliente orange geranium

And if you overlook the wind burn on these tangerine petals, and the fact that the lobelia has all but disappeared, this pot might not be too pathetic either.  The lobelia did get a severe haircut today, so hopefully, it will bloom again.

Rhododendron bed...colourful, if not abundant

This Trusty Rusty coleus just might be the star of the show this year.  It seems to have picked up steam and is filling out nicely.  The marigolds that had all but disappeared after deadheading are blooming again, and even some of the ageratum might pull through.

Trusty Rusty coleus and white lobelia

I’m loving this white lobelia and would surely plant it again another year.

The colour of this particular coleus is wonderful — I hope it lasts well into fall!

Isn't this brilliant?

I hope your pots of posies are prolific!  (Hmm…I feel a poem coming on…)

David Copperfield, Where Are You?

Though they love to pose for the camera, you can see how water-logged these Gerbera blooms are.

“I’m just waiting for people to start asking me

to make the rain disappear.” – David Copperfield

What a  stretch of hot and humid weather we’ve had here in Nova Scotia — record breaking temperatures and humidex readings that rival those of tropical climes.  Add to that days of leaf-beating, bloom-ripping, mold-inducing, earwig-loving torrents of rain and, well, it’s not only been unpleasant, but downright nasty for the garden.  Or nasty for my container gardening, at least.

This morning, I took pruners in hand and removed every discoloured leaf and expired bloom I could find.  That helped a little.  Some things, such as the verbenas of all colours, are kaput — the wind and earwigs finished them off — so they were unceremoniously removed and tossed into the ditch (where they will probably take hold and bloom profusely for the rest of the summer!).  I combined two pathetic containers into one, where possible, and hope that we get a little sun later on to help start drying things out, although the forecast is for cloud straight through to Friday.  Gah!

So far, the hot, wet weather hasn't seemed to affect the Gerberas at all. These pink buds will soon open.

There are five distinct colours of lobelia growing in the garden this season, more by accident than design.  The large clump of dark blue/purple was bought as such — the rest came from a small flat of  ‘Regatta Mix’ I grabbed on the run.  I just love their little iris shaped blooms.

In this container, the lobelia consists of a dark blue/purple; a violet/pink in the centre; and a light powdery blue on the right, all at various stages of growth, obviously. (You can see the strip of aluminum foil in front of the door that is still keeping Mr. Pee Cat at bay!)
This white-with-blue/blue-with-white mix is very pretty.
And I do love this little clump of white which is spreading nicely in the little rhodie bed.
This 'Trusty Rusty' coleus is starting to take off; it can grow to a height of 18 - 24". I love the colour.

On these days that feel like a sauna and will frizz even the most well behaved hair dos, I’ve decided I’m only ever going to plant geraniums!  Geraniums and lobelia because nothing seems to phase them, and nothing seems to eat them.  Oh, and I do have one, lowly cosmos growing in a pot which has survived all of Mother Nature’s sense of humour.

David Copperfield, where are you?!