A Born Naturalist


“Every child is born a naturalist. His eyes are, by nature,
open to the glories of the stars, the beauty of the flowers,
and the mystery of life.” –  R. Search


Don’t Forget Our Feathered Friends

During these hot, dry spells that much of North America has been experiencing, don’t forget to set out water for our feathered friends and other critters.  They’re not fussy — most any kind of dish will do if you don’t have a bird bath.

A Practical Use For Those Canadian Pennies!

The last Canadian pennies have already been minted, and those still in distribution will, little by little, be taken out of circulation as they cycle through our banks.  Myself, I have large coffee cans full of pennies that I will probably roll eventually and turn in at the bank.  But this morning, I saw a new use for these coins on a gardening show:  they can be used as a slug deterrent!

This may not be news to many of you, but it’s a very simple solution to a really ugly problem.  I’m certainly going to give it a try.  Apparently, if you place copper pennies around plants where slugs are actively feeding, those that touch the copper coins will receive a mild shock, (when the copper and their “slime” mix) discouraging them from entering the area.