Cool To Be Kind – Stories for the Holidays


As part of their holiday programming, The National, a Canadian evening news journal on CBC, asked viewers to share their stories about people in their communities who were making a positive difference.  It has been a wonderfully uplifting series, very timely for the holiday season, that I thought I would share with you.  If you click on this link, you can then select stories from the sidebar graphics.  Each is a short video, with or without an accompanying story.  It really is Cool to be Kind.

Point to Ponder

With the spectacular displays of fall colour that have been presented on so many blogs this autumn, many have said that they haven’t seen such vibrant hues for years — it certainly seems that way here in Nova Scotia this fall.  The reds, golds, and fluorescent oranges have been magnificent and abundant.  In the same vein, this past summer’s blooms seemed to be more abundant, more colourful, more appreciated.

Which makes me ponder:  are the colours truly more vivid this autumn than they usually are, or is it possible that in such uncertain times, or because we are another year older, that we actually stop to acknowledge them more than we might have in other years?  Are we, wisely, “stopping to smell the roses” more often and simply noticing more colour?  Do we crave more colour in our lives?

I know I’ve tried to hang onto the colour of Autumn’s finery this year, more so than usual.  I believe it has lifted my spirit and brightened my days to a greater degree than it has in other years.  How about you?  Is it simply “another lovely fall” or have you actually opened your eyes a little wider to take it all in?

Something to ponder…