A Waltz Into Spring

Spring unfolds eventually,
And not in a sudden rush.
The days must warm intentionally,
The winds must die to a hush.

Not overnight, or at our whim,
But purposefully and slow,
Days of longer light begin
As goes the ice and snow.

Sooner or later, the swollen bud
Will burst, and bloom emerge,
Quietly, gently, willfully
In a scheduled, easy surge.

A deliberate plan on Nature’s part,
It’s the dance that she knows best.
Embrace each colourless day that’s left,
And patiently wait for the rest.

– © 2008 Nancy J. Bond


GB Muse Day (February Blues) – 02012011

You’ll see it in an icicle –
The cloudless, aqua sky.
In cobalt rivers, churning water
Into silver ice.

In shadows that streak landscapes
With steel bars of indigo,
In bitter wind that sculpts blue crystals
Into drifts of snow.

In sun-dappled depressions,
In star-filled, sapphire nights;
You’ll find the blues of winter
In daybreaks and in twilights.

I think this glacial color
Is my favorite, frosty hue.
Hand of Nature, swaddles Earth
In shades of winter blue.

© Nancy J. Bond

Garden Bloggers’ Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

January’s End (Original Poem)

Frigid, purple shadows play
Behind the sun, on this cold day.

Morning’s cold, gray curtain tossed
Upon the landscape, bitter frost
Reminds that winter’s not quite lost.

Gray to lavender, the clouds
Part, and warm the icy shrouds
That hang on barren fields, unplowed.

Still, and void of any sound,
Lifeless grasses bend to ground,
Hunched, arthritic, gnarled and brown.

They wait, like me, for April’s rain,
To bring the world to life again,
To lift the weight of winter’s pain.

Don’t be fooled by transient sun,
She’s fickle, tricking everyone
To thinking spring might finally come.

But you, like me, have come to know
This first month: rain, but also snow.
I cannot wait for her to go.

© Nancy J. Bond