On All Hallows Eve

Goblin Dance

Rain, like streaks of misery,
Trickles down between dead leaves,
Fog and mist and wind deceive…
On All Hallows Eve.
Still-dressed aspens shake and quiver
In the breeze, they quake and shiver,
Gold moon gleams on waveless river…
On All Hallows Eve.
Jack-O-Lanterns, sneering, rounded,
Sit like garish spirits, grounded,
Legless heads to earth are bounded…
On All Hallows Eve.
Ghosts and ghouls all flit about,
Chanting spells and casting doubt,
Curses, incantations shout…
On All Hallows Eve.
When trick-or-treaters’ night is over,
That’s when goblins shed their cover,
Over field and glen they hover…
On All Hallows Eve.
Lookouts in low-hanging branch
Will deem it safe to take the chance
To start their yearly goblin dance…
On All Hallows Eve.
On til midnight, dancing, turning,
Cares of other worlds they’re spurning,
At the strike of twelve returning…
On All Hallows Eve.
Now is the bewitching hour,
Danger lurks ‘neath every bower.
Even goblins shake and cower…
On All Hallows Eve.
Witches fly on well-worn brooms,
Silhouettes in front of moon,
Daybreak will be coming soon…
On All Hallows Eve.
Through their holy night incanting,
Finding moon and stars enchanting,
Curdling laughter, raves and ranting…
On All Hallows Eve.
Soon the moon is disappearing,
Witches, goblins now all fearing
Being found, as dawn is nearing…
On All Hallows Eve.
So from their hours of frolic, fright,
They fade away ‘neath veil of night,
Hidden, safely out of sight,
Until All Hallows Eve.
© 2004 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

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