Block 3532

Block 3532. That’s the number assigned to the quilt block I made in the name of Edwin J. Zambrana in the fall of 2002.

This link will take you to a gallery of the thousands of quilt blocks that made up the gigantic quilt, which still travels throughout North America.  This link will take you to my block, which sits among thousands of others.  You may have to scroll down the sidebar and click on the square.

The United In Memory 911 Memorial Quilt is a wonderful tribute to the victims of 9/11.  It was a privilege to be assigned this block…this victim…and working on a part of this beautiful project helped me work through a lot of the grief and disbelief that settled upon us globally on September 11, 2001.

I was never able to find out much about this young man at first, but did, in later years, discover a small photograph of him and this link, in which those who knew him more intimately had paid tribute.

The sting has never gone out of this day, for me, and I suspect, for millions of others. But I have chosen to celebrate the strength and endurance of the human spirit on September 11, rather than dwell on the sadness of the events of that day.

As for Edwin Zambrana, Jr., I think of him often, and always on 9/11. I know that he rests…in peace.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

One thought on “Block 3532”

  1. Wow, what an honor to be a part of such an amazing project. As each quilt block is made up of many pieces and then each block is fit into a large quilt coming together as one, may the hearts of all Americans be unified as we remember this day and those who lost their lives.

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