Amazing What A Little Sun Will Do!

It’s amazing what a little sun will do…and I do mean, a little.  Sigh.  The day started sunny and full of promise, and now at early afternoon, it has all but gone behind the clouds again with a chance of MORE showers in the forecast and a rainy weekend ahead.  These gazanias took advantage of the bright morning and started to open.  I purchased these in a hanging basket and transferred them to  a large, black container.  They’re very showy with their silvery foliage.  There are also an orange-yellow and buttery yellow plant.  It should make a pretty combination if they don’t drown.

Not sure of what to plant in the tiny space near the rhododendron, I decided to put some Marguerite daisies [Argyranthemum] in a large planter.  There are white, yellow and lavender-pink plants.

They grow over 2 feet high and like the sun, so will hopefully do well there.  I planted some white alyssum around the perimeter of the container, and circled it at ground level with Dusty Miller plants.  It should last into the fall.

To the hanging baskets, I added some blue bacopa and white lobelia, but they haven’t really taken off yet, so I’ll save those (and other plantings) for another time.  I wish we could send all of you who need it, some of our rain.  I hope the weekend doesn’t bring another deluge.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Amazing What A Little Sun Will Do!”

  1. You remind somewhere out in the garden is the trailing gray leaf. If mine has pale yellow flowers … I will move it to my pale rose bed – Winter Chill. Sorry. We have winter, may you have your well deserved SUN!!

  2. After a very, very long and horrid wet season over our Summer and early Autumn, we are revelling in the sunshine down here now. I’m sure I hear all the plants singing! Lovely photos. Gazanias are one of my favourite plants and we’re lucky enough to be able to grow them pretty much all year round, although the wet season killed mine off this year … will have to get some more!

  3. Hi i am new here, just followed from Donna’s GWGT. I love those photos, i even haven’t seen some of them here. They are all what i call daisy-like!

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