Miss Rhodie Puts On A Show

It’s a very windy, cool day here, despite that dapple of sun on the grass.  Miss Rhodie has started to show her beautiful dark red blooms, almost impossible to capture digitally in their true colour.  Those blooms are much more a wine red than pink.

Still tight in the bud, the colour is much more accurate.

There are more rhododendrons on the property yet to bloom — a lavender and a hot pink — but none so pretty as this scarlet beauty.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

3 thoughts on “Miss Rhodie Puts On A Show”

  1. Monet was right. It’s all about the light. Morning pictures are one color, noon another and just before sunset yet another. Front lighting or back lighting make a difference too. No matter when or how your plant is a beauty!

  2. That is a gorgeous rhodie, Nancy;-) It is hard to show the proper color sometimes, especially shades of red on a sunny day. I only had 2 buds open on my rhodies and a few of them didn’t bloom at all. They were only added just last year so they may need a season to acclimate. I just love their big blossoms, both in bud and in full bloom.

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