Hangin’ With My Peeps!

http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/nature/frogs/thumbs/images/9.jpgWell, Spring 2011 has officially arrived in Windsor, Nova Scotia! Tonight, after a pleasant, sunny day, the Spring Peepers are peeping their little hearts out! The much anticipated musical event has finally arrived, bringing with it the certain hope that warmer days and gardening weather are not far behind. Here’s a sample of their beautiful evening vespers.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Hangin’ With My Peeps!”

  1. They are sweet little creatures, aren’t they? I can’t believe all the spring birds that are back all at once, too. And suddenly everything is fascinating in the garden!

  2. Hi Nancy…Our peeps must be on the same schedule..We heard them night before last. Love to have the windows open and be able to hear them. Balisha

  3. I look forward to the nightly chorus of the peepers…they lull me to sleep and bring a smile to my face knowing in the morning the birds will take their place a chorus a wake up call…

  4. hi, nancy .. never thought to call them ‘peepers’ .. on our back deck in the evenings we listen to ‘frogsong’ which i believe would fit well with ‘peepers’ in a spring symphony ..

  5. Nancy – this is such a cool post. The sound of ‘peepers’ and ‘frogsong’ (both great phrases) reminds me of memories from childhood. It’s heartwarming and comforting… Thanks for sharing.

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