Finally! Daffodil Blooms In The Garden

Alas, just a wee bit of April First fun. :)  They’re wonderful, for certain, but are one of the gorgeous bouquets the Canadian Cancer Society sells.  Their sunny yellow is a bright spot on a grey, expecting-snow sort of day, though.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Finally! Daffodil Blooms In The Garden”

  1. haha, Nancy…while they are lovely, you really got me there for a second…making me think they were really growing out there for you! Even here in VA, my yellow ones have not yet opened up. The white ones bloomed and have been there now for a couple of weeks, while the yellow ones have taken much longer. They have buds and it shouldn’t be too long now, but obviously different varieties take different amts. of time! I hope spring will show her lovely face to you soon;-)

  2. You definitely fooled me with that one! I do have a few daffodils blooming here in central Ohio, so I thought it was possible they might have reached up there to Canada. No such luck, huh? Soon Nancy, soon.

  3. Oh dear…. I have a vase on the window sill in the dining room, but it will be weeks until they come up in the garden. I am a little envious!

  4. Ha! Just found your blog today and was completely jealous about the daffodils until I read the comments and realized the date of your post. Still…they are nice to see and make me look forward to having our daffodils blooming…they are only a couple of inches high so far.

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