(Bloomingwriter) Jodi DeLong’s “Plants For Atlantic Gardens”

Plants for Atlantic Gardens, Jodi DeLong, Nimbus Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-55109-798-5

Those who garden in Atlantic Canada or other maritime climes are often presented with unique challenges.  Our mercurial weather offers sometimes long, cold winters, followed by wet springs which can lead into hot and humid summers, depending on your location.  Wind is a constant, especially along our coastline, and even salt spray can wreak havoc on certain plants.

Jodi DeLong’s Plants for Atlantic Gardens offers East Coast gardeners a compendium of over one hundred sturdy trees, shrubs, and perennials that may thrive in our fickle Atlantic conditions.

Illustrated with Jodi’s own beautiful photos, the size and soft cover format of the book, together with the quality of the paper and binding, make it as much a pleasure to hold as it is to read.  In an easy, engaging style of writing, Jodi shares her own experiences–both success and failures–with readers and goes so far as to include the natural histories of many of the plants she presents.

For someone like myself who is passionate and enthusiastic about gardening, but perhaps lacks the experience and knowledge to make appropriate plant selections, this book is a must-have reference.

Each plant description includes both the botanical and common name of the plant, its bloom period, growing requirements, growth-size range, best planting locations, soil requirements, known problems, and invaluable notes about things such as pests, colour, toxicity, etc., all presented in an attractive, easy to read format.

From Hellebores to Hostas…Lilacs to Lilies, I believe Plants for Atlantic Gardens’ greatest appeal–and what and sets it apart from any other how-to gardening book–is that the information is from a personal perspective, specific to our Atlantic region.  Jodi’s notes throughout the text give the book the feel of a series of beautifully presented seminars.  It offers not only information, but inspiration, for those who garden by the sea.

The official launch of Plants for Atlantic Gardens is tomorrow, February 26th, 2-4 pm at the Telegraph Tea Room in Melvern Square, just outside of Kingston, Nova Scotia.  Fingers crossed that Mother Nature allows for a good turnout.

Congratulations, and thank you, Jodi!

(Jodi’s book is in stores now throughout the region, including independent local stores like The Box of Delights in Wolfville and on Amazon.ca.  There will be a second launch in the city area on March 10 at the Woodlawn Public Library.)



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “(Bloomingwriter) Jodi DeLong’s “Plants For Atlantic Gardens””

  1. The east coast does have some unique challenges for gardening. How has your winter been thus far? We are still cold (-26 overnight, with windchill it’s like -34 C). Lots of snow. I’d love to visit the maritimes, hopefully someday I will have the opportunity. This book looks like a must have for your region!

    1. The book is in stores now throughout the region, including independent local stores like The Box of Delights in Wolfville and on Amazon.ca. There will be a second launch in the city area on March 10 at the Woodlawn Public Library. Or you can contact Jodi through the link in the last paragraph of my post. :)

  2. I sure wish I could be there to congratulate Jodi on her book!…and meet you, nancy. One of my go to books for the past 2o years is a marvelous local garden guide. Very local. So I understand how excited you all are to have these book. gail

  3. Nancy, thank you so much for taking the time to write this thoughtful review, and of course thank you for your friendship and support across the miles. Now, if we can just placate the weather gods over the next 12 hours or so…! Hope to see you soon.

  4. Nancy, your writing is superb, a lovely book review. I live no where near the Atlantic coast, but sense I would love the book anyway… introduced through your review.

  5. Nancy girl I don’t know why it has taken me so long getting back here and I am floored by Mis Mew ! She is a beauty : ) and her is Jodi’s book making my list for tomorrow’s things to do “find this book !!” LOL
    Seriously .. your blog is looking gorgeous and I am totally inlove with Miss Mew : )

  6. PS .. needless to say I don’t read over what I comment with or the above comment would make better sense ? LOL
    OOPS !
    Joy (needs to go to bed now!)

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