Roses’ Hearts Are Beating Still

The Garden in Winter by L. M. Montgomery

Frosty-white and cold it lies
Underneath the fretful skies;
Snowflakes flutter where the red
Banners of the poppies spread,
And the drifts are wide and deep
Where the lilies fell asleep.

But the sunsets o’er it throw
Flame-like splendor, lucent glow,
And the moonshine makes it gleam
Like a wonderland of dream,
And the sharp winds all the day
Pipe and whistle shrilly gay.

Safe beneath the snowdrifts lie
Rainbow buds of by-and-by;
In the long, sweet days of spring
Music of bluebells shall ring,
And its faintly golden cup
Many a primrose will hold up.

Though the winds are keen and chill
Roses’ hearts are beating still,
And the garden tranquilly
Dreams of happy hours to be­
In the summer days of blue
All its dreamings will come true.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Roses’ Hearts Are Beating Still”

  1. Isn’t this a poem by the author of one of Silence’s favorites, the Anne of Green Gables series? She’s wanted to move to Nova Scotia ever since! Your photo of rose hips in snow is so lovely, it almost makes me forgive winter for still hanging on. Almost… And boy, we love your Neena! What a gorgeous, classic Maine coon girl!

  2. Beautiful sight and sentiments! I’ve awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award – you can visit Garden Sense to learn more. If you’d rather not participate, no problem. But I hope more people will discover your great blog!

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