A Bit Of Sunny Yellow

A timid, barely perceptible tap on my door yesterday revealed the neighbours’ little girl, holding this beautiful yellow rose.  Blond hair in a pony tail and blue eyes shining out from beneath long lashes, she thrust the rose toward me with a, “Happy Balentine!”   She’s about 18 months old and reminded me of my own blond-haired, blue-eyed girls when they were little.  I accepted her lovely offering and found a special place to display it.  Her sweetness really brightened the day!

Yellow roses are my favourite, I think, and I went digging for some facts about their history and meaning.  Did you know that:

Throughout history, the color yellow has been closely associated with the sun. As the source of light and warmth, the sun is integral to life on Earth, and has been worshiped in many early societies. It should come as no surprise that the color of the sun would hold many positive connotations. In many Eastern cultures, for example, the color yellow represents joy, wisdom and power. However, in Europe at the time of the introduction of these roses, the color yellow carried much more negative overtones. Consequently, yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love. As time went on, however, the more universal meanings connected with the color yellow have come to prevail and entwine themselves with the yellow rose. Today yellow roses are more commonly associated with joy and friendship.

A bouquet of yellow roses now brings to mind all of the sunny, cheerful feelings of warmth and happiness. In contrast to the romantic meanings attributed to other roses, the yellow rose is purely a symbol for friendship. This gives it a unique place in the pantheon of roses. Yellow roses can send the perfect message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. They can represent feelings of joy and delight, and are an ideal way to brighten someone’s day who may be feeling down. There is perhaps no other flower that is able to bring out a smile in quite the way that a yellow rose can.




Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “A Bit Of Sunny Yellow”

  1. one of fav roses in the garden are the beautiful buttery yellow ones…such a cheery sight and they always bring a smile to my face..thx for sharing that smile!!

  2. A heart touching gesture, beautifully captured and a most welcome ray of sunshine in mid Feb. I have a yellow rambler Banksia Lutea which flowers not long after the daffodils so have a very soft spot for yellow roses

  3. Nancy, that is such a kind gesture and will cause that child to develop a love of giving for the rest of her life. It’s infectious to experience happiness. It is a very pretty rose.

    I’m trialing a yellow Knock Out rise climber which is doing fabulously.

  4. Lovely. Can’t wait to get my garden started this year. I couldn’t bring my roses with me from NWO so I’ll be shopping for some new ones.

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