Popping a Cork for 1000 Posts!

Actually, truth be told, this is my 1004th WordPress post since September 2008!  There were many more before that on my old Soliloquy Blogger blog.  How does one miss their 1000th post?!  I’d been watching the numbers, getting ready to pop a cork!  Busy with the distractions of Life, I guess, and there have been a few in the past while.

My grandson has had three rather worrisome seizures and finally had to be placed on anti-seizure meds until he sees a Pediatric Neurologist.  That, combined with his diabetes, has been very concerning.  Well, let’s tell it like it is:  I’ve been worried sick.  He’s doing well on the new meds so far, and an MRI and original EEG were completely normal, so it’s a bit of a mystery.  And not of the fun kind.  But he’s such a tough and bright little man, he seems to take it all in stride, though I wish he didn’t have to.  Anyone in our family would trade places in a heartbeat.

My aunt passed away this morning, my mother’s oldest sister.  It was the first break in the chain of six kids on her side of the family.  Though my aunt had suffered from a variety of maladies over the years, her sudden passing was still unexpected.

It’s been a very long winter.  Just ask Jodi.  And more snow is on the way for today through Thursday — is there anyone in North America who’s escaping this one?  I keep telling myself, “It’s February…next month, the peepers will be singing!”  (If they can dig their way out.)

On a much brighter note, we finally felt ready to adopt another kitty and on January 9th, a little girl from our local SPCA moved in with us. :)  We called her Neena (which supposedly means ‘beautiful eyes’).  She’s been a constant source of amusement ever since and has already captured our hearts.

So, here’s to another 1000!  As always, I thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments and Picks.  It’s a “dry season” as far as gardening goes this time of year, but hopefully, all this snow will present some lovely photo ops and that soon, we’ll all be chatting about readying our gardens for another season!

Oh, and the new template…well, you know what They say.  A change is as good as a rest. :)  I’m not finished with it yet.  I had actually had some trouble of late uploading photos to the other template, and I like the simplicity of this one, so we’ll see how it goes.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Popping a Cork for 1000 Posts!”

  1. Your changes are always good ones. :-) I’m sorry to hear of the stresses. But it’s good your grandson continues to do so well.

    Love your new Miss Mew! Neena is a perfect name, as she has beautiful eyes.

    It’s seeming like a long winter, but I think last Winter was worse. I’m going to try to remember that! :-)

  2. Congratulations on over 1000 posts! I’ve enjoyed all those that I’ve read since discovering your blog and look forward to reading many more. I can understand why you have been worried sick about your grandson – I will have him in my thoughts and prayers. Sometimes I believe we grandparents worry more than parents do! We in the South are escaping the snow and ice of this terrible storm but are concerned for all those who are being hit hard by it.

  3. Seizures can certainly be worrisome and I’m sorry your little guy has to go through them. I hope when he has his appt. they can get a handle on everything. Meanwhile, it’s good to know the meds are helping. What an adorable kitty you brought home! She does have gorgeous eyes–so that’s a perfect name for her! Congrat’s on 1,000+ Nancy! And here’s to 1,000 more. And 1,000 after that…

  4. Nancy, 1,000 posts is a great reason to celebrate. What an accomplishment! I hope your grandson continues to fare well with his medications and that spring comes soon for you. Beth

  5. Oh Nancy, congrats on the milestone, it’s a big one.

    So sorry to hear all the bad news…

    And your kitten, absolutely adorable, hope that she cheers you up.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Congratulations on your 1000th (and fourth) post, Nancy! I’m sorry to hear about your aunt and your little guy. Love your new kitty, and love the changes to your blog. I’m trying to figure out WordPress myself. XO

  7. Nancy,

    I’m sorry to hear the bad news about your aunt and your grandsons seizures. I hope they find a solution for him. The kitten is very cute!

    I like the new template – although I had to search for the comment link!

  8. Hi Nancy…Congrats on your #1000. I will be there soon too. What an accomplishment.
    That little grandson of yours is so precious. I hope the docs can get him fixed up, so he doesn’t have to endure any more seizures.
    I am sorry to read about your Aunt.
    Now, that little kitty has a wonderful home. She’s just beautiful.
    We are going to be digging out from that big snow. A busy day for us.
    Have a warm day…Balisha

  9. Congratulations on reaching your 1,000 posts milestone, Nancy! Your beautiful photography and poetry are a source of joy.

    May the Lord lay His healing hand upon your dear grandson. We know about epilepsy in our family. I hope it can be well controlled, or that he will outgrow it.

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