Snow Capped

Nova Scotia, like the east coast of the US, was hammered by a true nor’east snowstorm yesterday and through the night.  As temperatures moderate this morning, I thought I’d snap a few photos from the front deck before all the snow melts.  The snow was so heavy and wet that some of the pine boughs actually touched both the building and the ground.  This bough caught drips from the roof which froze into shimmering icicles as they hit.  Pinecicles, perhaps?

Everything is magically snow capped.  The birdfeeder…

…and those who visit it are both wearing caps.

Poor Rhodie was weighted down by fluffy caps of snow.

As usual, the pasture across the road from the front deck is beautiful, its rickety gate snow capped.

A little “Charlie Brown” pine across the road bows its head under the weight of the snow.

Driving was treacherous last evening, but things seem to be clearing up nicely today.  It’s that time of year when we, by the sea, can expect most anything in the weather forecast and, as much as I may grumble as it’s falling, it does make for a magical landscape.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Snow Capped”

  1. Oh Nancy, that truly is magical. Every one of those is beautiful. It’s 36 below zero here this morning, before any windchill factor. I’d much prefer having the snow and warmer temps. Love your term, pinecicles!

  2. Thanks, Diane — my older daughter finally made it home to G.P. last night after flight delays, and the first thing she texted me was, “Holy temperature change!” :-)

  3. Lovely photos and prose, as always. We’ve had our bits of snow here in Alabama and the magic is about over. However, seeing it fresh and mounded in Nova Scotia and documented so beautifully by my blogging friend who live “by the sea” makes me appreciate it all over again. Thanks so much for this.

  4. The older I get, the more I grumble about the cold and the driving conditions. But I do love the effect, the magical beauty of the snowfall. There are few things so pristine as the land after snow. Nova Scotia looks gorgeous in the snow. Have you had flooding there with the storms?

  5. It seems as though this year everyone is getting snow.

    I wish my bird feeders would quite blowing away in the wind though. It has been a very windy winter for us.

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