The Ugliest Thing In Your Garden?

Now THAT is ugly.

As I was standing in the doorway, watching our resident cows try to find shelter from the sheets of rain and high wind we’re experiencing today, my eye was drawn to these pathetic remnants of my lovely ‘Trusty Rusty’ coleus.  This was to be my clean-up weekend, but the inclement weather is supposed to continue straight through to Monday.

So, I thought it might be a fun thing to challenge you to post the ugliest thing in YOUR garden today.  If you do, share a link in a comment here so we can all enjoy it. :-)


14 thoughts on “The Ugliest Thing In Your Garden?

  1. I would say the ugliest things in my garden are the gigantic dinner-plate-sized floppy-brimmed mushrooms of unknown variety that are now frostbitten, black and wrinkled. Like the spores were completely sucked out of them. And I am not venturing out in this howling rainstorm to take a photo, either.

  2. Hi Nancy- well it’s not pretty! this is a great idea for a post. Sure I have lots of ugly things – will go and have a look. Will this be a weekly meme with linky?


    • Hi Laura — no, not a weekly thing. After seeing that plant above, I just thought it would be a neat idea for a wet, cold, autumn post. :) I look forward to whatever you share!

  3. This is pretty ugly, Nancy, and also sad. Now that we’ve had a killing frost, I have plenty of ugly things in my garden, too. Thanks for the inspiration–I had no ideas for a new post, but now, thanks to you, I’ve just posted my own version of “ugly” at

    (I think my original comment disappeared in cyberspace; if this is a repeat, please delete this one.)

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