Bully For You

The black beast...

It’s funny how things can look so different in the light of a new day.  This sun-drenched photo of Mr. Black Bull and friend paints him in a very different light than the darkness last night.  He came to the fence last night, tossed the gate in the air with his head, and proceeded to mosey onto a grassy strip at the edge of the paved street.  Now, black bull in the dark is invisible, let me tell you.  So hubby and I spent over an hour, in cold wind with snow flurries, trying to make sure this beast didn’t get hit by a car — and woe to the one who might hit him!  It would be akin to hitting a moose.  He might not look that large in the photo, but he looks a LOT larger when you can feel his snorts on your face!

I grew up around farms so wasn’t too nervous around him, but he wouldn’t listen to me or heed my shouts or attempts to corral him back inside the fence.  He did, however, listen to Charlie (who grew up in Toronto, go figure) who was finally able to get him back inside.  We’d called the RCMP because of the danger to traffic on our busy street, but one call to them wasn’t even in their system, and it took them half an hour to arrive after the second call.  Bully was inside by then.

A beautiful morning in Windsor town.

The owner eventually arrived and did some makeshift repairs for the night, then must have returned very early this morning with more supplies and lots of hay for the critters.  It all seems rather funny now, but it sure wasn’t the sort of night for standing around on the side of the road.  Brr!

Ice on the pond this morning...

There was ice on the makeshift bird bath this morning, encasing one lonely maple leaf.  As for Mr. Bull, I hope he enjoyed his short taste of freedom. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “Bully For You”

  1. “tossed the gate in the air with his head” – ! Quite an adventure on a cold night – love your pictures of Mr. BB :)

  2. My daddy hit a bull once way up in West Virginia on a backroad. He was driving and ended up in the back seat. Had he not been drinking it probably would of killed him. Totaled his car but the bull was unscathed.

    Your village is beautiful.

  3. Brrrr! I can’t imagine chasing a bull around in the dark with snow flurries coming down! Actually, in retrospect it will make a funny story. Mr. Bully is lucky nothing bad happened to him. By the way, your photo of Windsor town is idyllic!

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