Grand Opening!


Despite unforgiving and seemingly non-stop wind, rain, several frosts, and even a few snow flurries, this Gerbera ‘Terra Cotta’ daisy seems determined to open!  Talk about persistent!  There’s another bud that’s showing some colour as well, but I imagine the weather will claim it.

The jays are back, the rascals!

Though they don’t actually leave, we don’t see much of these beautiful birds throughout the summer, but the moment the feeder is filled and the Bird Café opens , they flock to it in large numbers.  It’s so comical to watch them try to hang off the little rests, which weren’t made with such gluttons in mind!  I love their wonderful plumage.

Constantly trying to figure out a way to get at that seed.

The friendly little chickadees are back in large numbers, too — they are Winter’s darlings.

Sweet dull winter would be without them!

As for the rest of the “garden”, there’s still life in some pots.  As always, the geraniums are the stalwart ones, still green and full of buds.  I suspect Jack Frost will have a hand in their demise one of these nights.  They really must be hardy to have withstood the wicked winds we’ve had the past few weeks — to see them this green and healthy come November is unusual, especially as the deck is wide open to the elements.

It's a wrap for this year.

Soon, pots will be emptied and plants composted, the soil worked into garden beds and used as mulch around shrubs.  I hope to do some edging around the little impromptu bed I created this spring and enlarge it a bit.  I intended to plant some tulips and daffs, but we’ll see if I get to those before it freezes.  Tomorrow, I hope to take a photo of the front of the deck, from the sidewalk angle, and get your suggestions for some conifer plantings in the front.   So, on this November 1st, how does YOUR garden grow?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Grand Opening!”

  1. Gosh, we’ve had killer frosts since August and the garden has been done for months. But that’s because we’re north :) We’ve also had snow stay for over a week – just melted with the temps going above zero this past week. So flowers and garden have been done for ages. BUT, my spuds were still in the ground until today. Actually, only 4 hills had not yet been dug. When I dug them out today, there was about 2 inches of hard frost to break through first, despite the past couple days being above zero. The spuds seem to be okay since they were deep enough. I’m amazed there is so much growing in your part of Canada!

  2. Beautiful bird- I often wonder how something so beautiful can be such a trouble maker! We don’t have them at our new home in Redmond, OR. We have the regular scrub jay, and a new one the Penyon Jay that is beautiful. I’ve seen the Stellar too here in our yard. We have so many more birds here than we did in Portland!

    So nice to see you’re still blogging. I’m just making my blog rounds and getting reacquainted before I return from a year long blogging vacation (and gardening too really- we still have so much to do before we can even plant anything!)

    Happy fall to you, Nancy.

    Tessa (aka dirtdigger)

  3. Nancy, your garden is doing a whole lot more than mine right now. Everything has gone to bed for the winter. I love the photos of the blue jays. Their plummage is so pretty. Rascals that they are, I would love to see more of them around here.

  4. I adore the chickadees! They frequent my feeder all year long and are the friendliest of the birds.
    The plantings on my deck are much like yours – still looking good but I know their days are numbered. The geraniums are blooming as if it’s spring.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Here we enjoy the antics of the Steller’s Jay. I miss the blue jays from Northern Arizona, where I lived for a while long, long ago. Chickadees are a great favorite, too, though we more often see Juncos than chickadees.

    The last brave daisy is beautiful. :)

  6. We’ve had our first gray, rainy day here in quite a while and it’s feeling like late fall. I was so happy to take a garden walk today and discover the Black Eyed Susan putting on new blooms. I hope they make it before the first frost!

    The Chickadees are delightful!

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