An Arrangement of Cat Tails


At 6:30 last evening, we said goodbye to another treasured kitty, my daughter’s cat, Manchester.  Manchester came to stay with us in May of 2009 while my daughter worked in Alberta for the summer.  She had just returned home when she was offered a full time position there, and left again for Alberta in October.  Manchester had been with us ever since.

A sweet, curious cuddler, we thought the world of this beautiful creature and came to love him as much as we loved our own Toby.  The two of them got along together quite well, considering that Toby was the more laid back of the two and used to having us all to himself.  Manchester was certainly the aggressor, and that resulted in some wild and hilarious chases around the apartment.  In looks, they were polar opposites, but one was as handsome as the other.

Should I? Or shouldn't I...

The two of them had the occasional “set to”…

Stare down!

But for the most part, they were great pals and company for each other.

Nap buddies...

Everyone who owns a pet knows how difficult it is to say goodbye.  When Toby left us, Manchester was there to help fill that empty place and we became great friends.  It is eerily quiet here today.  I must have said a dozen times when we first found out that Manchester was ill that, “That’s it!  I’ll never have another pet.  It just hurts too much when you lose them.”  But, I can’t imagine my life without a cat in it, so I’m sure that somewhere down the road, there will be another kitty who is looking for “parents” — shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens who are looking for “forever homes”.

I discovered this quote when I was looking for something appropriate to put with the boys’ photo, and find it to be quite true…


"There are no ordinary cats." - Colette

“Unlike some people who have experienced the loss of an animal, I did not believe, even for a moment, that I would never get another. I did know full well that there were just too many animals out there in need of homes for me to take what I have always regarded as the self-indulgent road of saying the heartbreak of the loss of an animal was too much ever to want to go through with it again. To me, such an admission brought up the far more powerful admission that all the wonderful times you had with your animal were not worth the unhappiness at the end.” – Cleveland Amory


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “An Arrangement of Cat Tails”

  1. They really do leave indelible paw-prints on our hearts, but looking back I feel privileged to have had such wonderful animals share their lives with me over the years. I’m sure you do to. I’m so sorry for the loss of Manchester. Manchester and Toby both look like such handsome boys. I love the second photo, and admit I had to laugh…Toby really looks to be pondering his options perched above Manchester on the scratching post.

  2. Oh Nancy, I am so very sorry to hear about Manchester…I know how heavy this weighs upon you all~You have a loving heart and when it’s right your cat will find you, gail

  3. HELLO NANCY so sorry to hear about MANCHESTER .we loved both your catsand enjoyed them when we came over,I know you will both be lost without him ,he was so cuddley and always came to see us ,I am so sorry I didnt know when I was talking to CHARLES he was hurting . love you both mum

    1. Thanks, Betty Mum. :) Yes, it’s always hard to say goodbye, but it’s harder still to watch them struggle from day to day. And he’s been such a trooper, we just couldn’t ask any more of him. I hope he’s with Toby at the Rainbow Bridge. :) Thanks for your comment. :)

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss. I have been there and know the hurt. Our pets really do become part of our family. The quote by Cleveland Amory makes me think because we have said those very words…that the heartbreak was not worth going through it again. Maybe someday….Take care.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I’m so sorry for you right now. I know exactly what you are going through. So hard to see your “precious baby” suffer. They were beautiful cats and you must have had a wonderful time watching their antics.That Cleveland Amory quote really makes us stop and think.
    Hugs, Balisha

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