First Frost!

Poor coleus finally succumbed to the cold...see you again next summer!
Coleus is even more beautiful after Jack Frost spread his magic.
Her leaves are now curled downward as if she's hugging herself against the cold morning.
Perhaps we will see some bird skating this morning.

Red?  Orange?  Golden scorch?
Leaves I daily would inspect,
Seeking Autumn’s flaming torch
To post to Dave’s Fall Colour Project.

Alas, the trees are mostly green,
The maples, poplars, birch are bare
Of Autumn’s pallette, none was seen–
Just meagre yellows here and there.

And then this morning came first frost!
The lowly pasture bathed in white.
Perhaps all hope for hue’s not lost,
And soon those embers will ignite!

© 2010 Nancy Bond

The cows don't seem to mind.
Keeping fingers crossed for a shock of colour after this first icy night!

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “First Frost!”

    1. That’s the view through my patio doors. :) It’s town conveniences within a very rural looking setting — best of both worlds, I guess. :) Nope, no birdies so far…the ice has melted and it’s now a wonderful 60F.

  1. Hi Nancy. Your poor coleus. You have had some cold days there since the birdbath is frozen. Oh, I so hate to see cold weather come. I really want to start over again with spring and skip all the in between. LOL!

  2. The frost is lovely, but is touch of death for the annuals. We have had four since last Saturday. The pasture looks good in fall, doesn’t it?

  3. Does it seem that frost has come earlier this year? I thought it was later in October last year, but I don’t know that I have recorded it properly from year to year. Not a killing frost here, not yet, but perhaps tonight, as it’s already quite chilly. But it’s time, really. I’m ready to tidy up and settle into the fall and winter routine.

  4. Loved the shots of the frost on the grass … such beautiful scenes. Of course, we don’t get frosts here so I’m looking at your photos with a completely different perspective … I can see beauty in the change of season but you’re losing plants.

    1. I love the change of seasons, and I love each season — even winter — for its own beauty. So the loss of plants seems like a logical progression. It doesn’t bother me a bit; in fact, there are always a few plants that I can’t wait to see the end of, but they’re always the last to go, of course. ;)

  5. Thank you Nancy for highlighting my blog on your blog side bar. There is rally so many wonderful blogs on web, impossible to see them all.
    Beautiful pictures, by the way! I am going now to browse your blog further on. Best regards from Croatia.

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