Mums The Word

Mid July, during a deluge, prospects seemed dim.

File this one under:  Patience Rewarded?  This little potted mum that I’d been given as an Easter gift looked pretty bedraggled after weeks of cool, wet weather early this past summer.  It would valiantly try to “green up”, only to be beaten down again by still more rain and wind.

It almost made it to the compost pile on several occasions.  However………

Tall, green and loaded in buds!

I kept cutting it back and every time, new green leaves would spring forth.  With a little fertilizer, and some warmer and sunnier days, it continued to grow and has actually formed flower buds.  Whether or not they open remains to be seen, but this speaks to the lessons I learn from the garden — patience is rewarded, for sure.  If it blooms, I’ll be sure to share some pictures. :)

Brought inside to a bright window, I hope the multitude of buds finally open.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

One thought on “Mums The Word”

  1. Make sure we revisit this Mum when it blooms! I was driving around Louisville this morning, struck by how they are all coming at once. Mums are an Autumn feast, fer sure.

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