Fading Garden Treasures

Potted mum

(Written and originally posted in 2008)

September ends; we hold our breath
And wait for Summer’s certain death;
We spend our gardening time in dread,
Composting much-loved flower heads.

We dig and weed and mulch and till,
Hanging on to warm days still
Occurring, though they’re shortened soon
By early dusks and golden moon.

We walk our garden paths with sighs
That summer goes so quickly by;
Cupping one persistent bloom
That helps dispel this autumn gloom.

“Pshaw!” say I, don’t be so glum,
Look forward to the days to come!
Just think of all the kneeling, raking,
Bending, til your back is aching.

Of all the whirligigs and gnomes,
Gazing balls and Old Toad homes
That must be cleaned and put away,
Made ready for another day.

Of pools to empty, ponds to drain,
Gourds to pick before fall rains.
Hoes and spades and other tools
Must all be stored as weather cools.

But I, for one, embrace the days
Of clear, crisp air and morning haze,
Of walks though tunnels red and gold,
Of wisps of smoke as nights grow cold.

Of quilts and books beside the fire,
Pumpkin pies and apple cider.
And soon enough, a crystal frost
When heat of Summer’s truly lost.

Though I’ll be glad for cooler air,
I’ll bide my time til it is here;
We mustn’t wish away our days,
But fill them in delightful ways.

So, for today, my garden blooms!
Although it might be over soon,
These days of growing still bring pleasure.
Embrace your fading garden treasures!
– © 2008 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Fading Garden Treasures”

  1. Nancy girl that poem was PERFECT ! As I read through it my mind was forming pictures to the words : ) .. It was exactly right for all of us gardeners saying good bye to summer yet loving Autumn (well .. I am totally in love with Autumn as it is) but this is just RIGHT !!
    Well done girl !
    Joy : )

  2. I am so bad at writing the poetry – dogerell only – well done and great sentiment – no time to be drear. Mind you skies are perpetually grey here. Horrible!

  3. Nancy, I loved it and had so much fun reading it…There’s a spot in one of the verses where my voice automatically sped up for awhile and then slowed down again. Well written! gail

  4. Dear Nancy – I thought you were gifted with a camera but the poem confirms your multi-talents. A touch of humour threads it’s way lightly through this array of gardening jobs and turns away all thoughts of autumn gloom. Brilliant


  5. Oh my, such a beautiful poem, Nancy! It describes perfectly the way I’ve felt the last week or two–appreciating these cooler days so much and yet rather wistful that summer’s blooms are over. But I will take inspiration from your words and not “wish away my days” but rather “embrace my fading garden treasures.”

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