Fall Beckons From The Front Deck

Wild asters and chartreuse leaves of saplings, half turned, make an attractive roadside bouquet.

Nova Scotia is experiencing an atypical hot and humid spell this week — atypical for the end of September, that is.  It’s warm and sticky enough that it’s unpleasant.  After a sunny start this morning, a bank of dark clouds threatens (much needed) rain.

From the front deck, there are hints that Autumn is truly settling in.  Here and there a splotch of gold catches the eye and, occasionally, a loud red competes for attention.

They might be considered weeds by some, but to me, these asters and the last of the goldenrod make a beautiful fall arrangement.
Yes, this shrub is really growing at an angle on a terraced section of lawn. I'm not sure of the variety -- it has white blooms in spring. ID anyone? A viburnum, perhaps?
Looking across the field toward the other side of town, you can see the first frail colours in the larger trees.
It won't be long before the greenery is aflame!

I look forward to an expedition to the coast and inland countryside in the coming weeks to capture Nature in her finest frocks.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Fall Beckons From The Front Deck”

  1. You know I think we may be farther along in our fall color this year that you are up there! It’s been so dry that the trees are heat stressed and ready to drop leaves. I hope when the colors are peaking you’ll join in the Fall Color Project!

    Absolutely! I just downloaded your badge — love the new one!

  2. I see so much beauty there, too, Nancy!

    From your photo, I’d say your mystery tree is a Burning Bush (Euonymus alata), which also can grow in tree form. (We have one that does, plus five others that are shrubs.) They’re GORGEOUS in fall! they usually have tiny red berries in fall, too.

  3. I agree with Kylee – it definitely appears to be a Burning Bush. The color here in Louisville – as well as the sparse rainfall – is exactly what we’re undergoing as well. Cooler nights, too, with just those similar hints of color. Beautiful pictures, Nancy.

  4. Nancy, it’s hard to believe that people can’t see the beauty in asters and goldenrods! But, I know that many think of them as weeds. We know better! gail

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