Roadside Reveries: Autumn Approaches

First reds at Three Mile Brook

Though there are only feeble hints of colour in the woods so far, there are definite splashes of reds and golds that signal the approach of Autumn, as seen here along the edge of Three Mile Brook where it leaves its well defined pond area and tumbles into meandering streams.

While I normally look forward to every season, this year, summer seems to have come to such an abrupt end, whipped away by sudden cold winds and dark rainy days that tend to dampen the spirit as well as the garden.  I look forward to the crisp, clear days ahead — such a welcome departure from the heat and humidity of July and August — but this year it’s like, “Wait!  I wasn’t ready!”  Of course, Nature has her own timetable.

Goldenrod abounds
Goldenrod and white panicled asters

The wash of gold is abundant along roadsides, punctuated by beautifully soft lavender and pink asters.

And purples...

Here and there, a few yellow splotches have already been added to the palette, and the rest of the roadside trees await Jack Frost’s magical brush — but the yellowing greens are a sure sign that Autumn is settling in.

Cognagun River road


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Roadside Reveries: Autumn Approaches”

  1. It’s always a wake up call to see how short our seasons are. The leaves have been in “full autumn bloom” for weeks and are already dropping. Frost is heavy. I’m in envy of the longer seasons further south but I heartily understand your thoughts on the abrupt exit of summer.

  2. I am SOOOO ready for fall! It is my favorite season, but living here in Texas, I really miss the Midwestern autumns…

  3. Unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to get to see Autumn colours in my part of the world, so I really enjoy seeing photos such as these. That first shot is lovely … and the Goldenrod is beautiful.

  4. I love the beginning of autumns and when the air smells fresher and the nights are cool. Your photos speak of that time. Of course, Nancy, it’s still 94 degrees here! gail

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