It Might Be Earl Gray

It could be Earl gray...

The projected path of Hurricane Earl has changed in the past 12 hours and though landfall was predicted for the southern portion of Nova Scotia, it now looks as though Earl’s path will veer farther west, straight up the Bay of Fundy.  The most recent statement from the government weather office has issued watches for the southern counties, and these will likely multiply and extend as Earl gets closer.  The greatest impact is not expected until Saturday morning.  It’s all a bit of a crap shoot anyway.

Latest projected path of Hurricane Earl

After 2003’s Hurricane Juan which caused 8 deaths in Nova Scotia, including a fellow paramedic, I hope that people are preparing for the worst case scenario and taking all reasonable precautions.  My older daughter, whom we haven’t seen for 11 months, is flying in from Alberta this evening for her best friend’s wedding — Saturday.  Oy.  For sure it’ll be a wet and windy event…one to remember.  And my younger daughter had tentative plans to join us on the weekend so she and her sister could spend some time together, but everything’s sort of up in the air right now.  Perhaps Earl will treat us kindly.

The sky is cloudless and hazy today as Nova Scotia *suffers* through the fourth consecutive day of record-breaking high temperatures and humidity.  But I won’t be surprised if, come Saturday morning, the skies are Earl gray.  Stay tuned!  Should make for some awesome Skywatch Friday pics.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “It Might Be Earl Gray”

  1. We in eastern North Carolina are watching Earl closely. It looks as though he’s going to come right up to the door and then turn away – it makes us a little nervous. We remember Fran and Floyd too well. But at the moment, the weather forecast doesn’t even call for rain!
    I hope Earl has lost all of his strength by the time he reaches you!

  2. I truly hope it doesn’t head up the Bay of Fundy for the sake of everyone there or travelling there. I heard the Carolinas are expecting to get it bad too. Let’s pray it peters out before it hits land.

  3. Here we go again, right Nancy? I hope your daughters are able to get together, that the storm blows itself out before it gets to us, and that we just get some much needed rain. However, I’m getting prepared anyway, just in case….

  4. I hope all goes well for your family gathering. I have’t heard the newest updates, but I think we will be okay down here. Hopefully our cold northern water will slow the storm down.

  5. Nancy,

    By the time Earl gets there you’ll likely get a tropical storm. I lost a home to Fran back in 96 we lived 100+ miles inland in North Carolina.

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