The Heart of the Matter

This heart shaped leaf fluttered down and settled on a geranium this morning.

While sipping an early coffee on the deck, relishing the sweet dampness that accompanies these cool, August mornings, this heart shaped leaf fluttered down and settled on a geranium plant.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks at Casa Nancy and this simple “gift” was somehow soothing.

Though my eye has healed nicely, I am still unable to wear my contacts again for another two weeks.  This has made posting — and most other things — very challenging as I try to make due with a very old pair of specs before I am able to have a proper eye exam done.  Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit Leaping Greenly — I appreciate your readership.

In the middle of my eye incident, Manchester, my daughter’s kitty that we’ve been looking after for the best part of two years now, became very ill.  A trip to the vet ended up in a 4-day hospital stay and, sadly, he was diagnosed with late stage kidney disease — unpreventable, irreversible, and without a cure.   We are heartbroken, especially after having recently lost our own sweet Toby.  He’s improved significantly after recovering from his hospital IV therapy and seems much more like himself.  My daughter is coming home from Alberta on Sept 2, and we’re hoping that he stays reasonably healthy and comfortable until she arrives so she can spend some time with him.  Her original plan was to return to Alberta with Manchester, but that’s not in the cards now.  At least he’s not in any pain, which is a great comfort.  So, that’s been rough, too.

This two-toned heart made of geranium leaves was found floating in our makeshift bird bath this morning.

Another happy accident was seen in the bird bath this morning when I went to clean it and freshen the water.  Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something. :-)

As for the garden, things seem to have almost come to a standstill.  New buds are forming on almost every plant, however — I believe they like the recent cooler weather.  There’s a distinct hint of September in the air, much as I hate to acknowledge it.  Seasons change…days shorten…shadows lengthen and that wonderful cycle continues in spite of us.  And that IS the heart of the matter.

Pink gerbera putting on a final show, perhaps?

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter”

  1. Such sad news, I am so very sorry. They steal our hearts, and reward us with such joy.

    There is beauty in those little petals and leaves, and yes maybe there are soft whispers also.


  2. Hoping your eye continues to heal. Sad news about Manchester. We can relate as we lost one of the cats our daughter had left with us when she moved to BC with kidney failure. Treasure the time with him and I hope you daughter is able to spend some time with him. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  3. Nancy – it’s a quiet, special moment when the simple things in life give us comfort. Your photos are beautiful, and give your readers a chance to share in your moments. Hope all goes well for you and your family. -Shyrlene

  4. Nancy girl I had intended to visit more often but sitting at the table with my laptop is painful .. over 3 weeks now .. no MRI and I’m a mess .. I so miss my garden but thankfully we have wet cool weather too .. and you know what that means right ? the trees should be able to put on a beautiful show if the sun cooperates later ! I will drag myself through heaven and earth to get pictures of the leaves if possible.
    Speaking of leaves .. that is lovely what you have there ! .. I’m so sorry about your eye being such a pain … it takes so much time for us to heal from anything now doesn’t it.
    My fingers are crossed that your daughter will be able to spend time with Manchester .. I understand that it will be heart breaking .. my heart still breaks over our loses over the years. This is life though .. isn’t it ?
    Take care .. be better soon !

  5. That is so bad about the kitty. These pets tend to take our hearts. I use to tell my little dog he was the worst kid I ever had LOL! It feels more like Fall here this morning also. Something in the air. I hate to see Summer ending and wish I could start Spring over again and go from there. Take care of that eye Nancy. Have a wonderful week.

  6. I hope your eye continues to heal and I’m so sorry to hear about your Manchester. I love the first photo. Like a little bit of love in nature just for you. Small beauties like this make me love life all the more.

  7. I’m glad to hear that your eye is healing. We appreciate your posts even more…knowing how difficult it is for you to do.
    Poor kitty…I know what an animal lover you are…take good care of Manchester. Cats seem to get kidney problems so much. My wonderful Siamese had a kidney problem and she didn’t last long after the diagnosis. We just kept her comfortable with the help of the vet.
    The pictures in the newer post are very dramatic. The sky is such an amazing thing to watch. Colors are so vibrant.

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