Blue Eyes

Blue Eyed Verbena

These lovely little blooms are from last year’s garden — verbena doesn’t seem to like our deck which is on the opposite side of the building.  Too hot, too windy, too everything, it would seem.  Nothing but my geraniums seem to be thriving out there right now, but these Blue Eyed Verbena were prolific bloomers on the more shaded balcony and I would certainly try them again.

One blue eye?

And speaking of Blue Eyes…I had a bit of a scare yesterday about my own set of blue peepers.  I’ve inserted a thumbnail for the curious, but long story short, I went to bed Monday night with normal looking eyes and woke in the morning to a very sore, very red, very painful left eye.  Initial diagnosis was acute iritis, for which treatment is gruesome if it’s advanced, but after being sent from my local doctor to see three specialists at the NS Eye Clinic in Halifax, it appears I have a corneal abrasion which may or may not be infected.  I was sent home with antibiotic drops and go back for a re-check on Monday.  My biggest complaint was extreme sensitivity to light — the kind that feels like a knife has been driven through your skull.  Thankfully, that has resolved itself,  for the most part, today though the eye still looks pretty much the same.  How one could sustain an abrasion that would make your eye look like this and not know how is beyond me.  It could have something to do with contact lens wear, though I’ve never had any trouble before.

So, long story short, until this completely resolves itself, my posts might be just photos and quotes or something like that as I need to get a prescription for eye glasses filled at least until this heals completely.  But please, don’t stay away!  It isn’t contagious. ;-)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Blue Eyes”

  1. Ouch! It really looks painful Nancy. You poor girl. Prayers that it gets better really soon.
    I love verbena and that one is so pretty. Some years I have success with it and others not so much. I still have not figured out what the difference was when I do everything the same way every year. LOL! It certainly cannot be my great green thumb to blame. Yeah, right. LOL!

  2. Take care, Nancy. Your blog can wait. I will be thinking of you, too.

    I would love to try that verbena next year, but don’t really have a shady place. My geraniums even ended up looking kind of stressed by the end of July.

  3. That does look very painful, Nancy; do take care. The verbena is so pretty; mine has not done well at all this year–it doesn’t like the heat anymore than I do, I guess.

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