Poor Posy Pots: The First of August

Lavender ivy geranium

It’s hard to believe that July has disappeared and August is upon us.  Hopefully, it brings better weather than we experienced in July!  My poor, pathetic pots have taken a beating this summer…I think the summer of 2010 will be remembered as The Garden That Wasn’t.  Sigh.

If you discount the fact that there’s a Terra Cotta Gerbera daisy somewhere in the back of this pot — not in bloom, of course — then I guess this lavender ivy geranium is pretty enough.  As always, the geraniums take the prize, hands down, for their tough factor.

Lavender ivy geranium blooms
Caliente orange geranium

And if you overlook the wind burn on these tangerine petals, and the fact that the lobelia has all but disappeared, this pot might not be too pathetic either.  The lobelia did get a severe haircut today, so hopefully, it will bloom again.

Rhododendron bed...colourful, if not abundant

This Trusty Rusty coleus just might be the star of the show this year.  It seems to have picked up steam and is filling out nicely.  The marigolds that had all but disappeared after deadheading are blooming again, and even some of the ageratum might pull through.

Trusty Rusty coleus and white lobelia

I’m loving this white lobelia and would surely plant it again another year.

The colour of this particular coleus is wonderful — I hope it lasts well into fall!

Isn't this brilliant?

I hope your pots of posies are prolific!  (Hmm…I feel a poem coming on…)

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Poor Posy Pots: The First of August”

  1. Oh Nancy, I’m sorry to hear this has been a bad summer for your containers. I felt that way last summer. I guess the weather just takes turns playing cruel tricks on different parts of countries. I still wouldn’t give up hope ~ maybe August and Sept will be wonderful.

  2. Summer’s been brutal here as well, but one sort of expects that in the South. My geraniums and coleus have been the only thing blooming in pots here as well. Your geraniums are stunning…I think mine are in the sunshine tooooo long. !!!

  3. Hi Nancy. I think your pots look beautiful. This has been a hard summer for plants here too. My window boxes are so pathetic looking. I love geraniums too and your Ivy one is so pretty. What a brilliant coleus. It will really look great in the fall with those colors.

  4. I think they look great. We had an unexpected pounding rain last night, so this morning my porch is covered with pink geranium petals. If I know it is going to storm, I tuck the pots under the porch.

  5. Is the white lobelia one of the heat-resistant types (Techno heat, Arctic, I can’t remember the other lines at the moment). Anything that wasn’t one of those (the usual from -seed varieties) did the big meltdown here, too. It’s been such a weird summer. Some things are doing fine in their containers, others are sort of sulky from too much heat. Such an odd thing to say in Scotts Bay!

  6. Hi Nancy – even in this heat and drought, my pots do better than the uber-draining poor soil plots. But I shed a tear at the sight of your lovely ivy geranium as mine did not make it through the winter. Those rusty coleus are so very pretty too so all is not lost – your poor posy pots will prosper with a potash pick-me-up. They might like a misting too.


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