Feeling Rather Blue

Lobelia 'Techno Blue'

Roses are red,

Lobelia’s blue.

I wish this hot weather…


*     *     *

Humidex reads 100°F (38°C) right now.  Ugh!  The weather forecast says there’s a risk of thundershowers, which sometimes clears the air, but the sky is also blue and mostly cloudless right now.

I am feeling rather blue today, on a more serious note.  My younger daughter is going into the hospital tomorrow to have spinal surgery to repair an injury she received while playing softball.  She did rather a lot of damage, more than was originally suspected, and though I feel confident her surgery will go well in very capable hands, as all Moms would, I have a palpable ache in my heart that she has to go through this at all.  She’s one tough cookie, though, and at least when this is over and done, she can begin to heal.  (It makes it doubly hard on Mom that she lives in the next province, too.)

So, blue seems the colour of the day at Casa Nancy.  If the planters don’t all shrivel from the oppressive heat and humidity, I’ll share more garden pics in a day or so.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Feeling Rather Blue”

  1. Sweet Nancy…wish I was there to help with the stresses….I’m a good comforter and you are important to me. Hope your daughter makes a speedy and uneventful recovery.

    The thunderstorms have cooled us down today and I saw where it’s gonna be in the high 80’s next week. I can handle that but agree with you—anything above 88 is like living on the sun for plants and people.

  2. Nancy, my daughter, Alena, was a crackerjack softball player in Reno, just like her. And, just like her, she experienced some back problems. We asked the coach to go lightly on her catching duties and then watched her catch 3 straight games in a tournament. By the third game, she could barely swing a bat. I don’t think I have ever been madder at someone. We took her home in the middle of the game. Fact was, it ruined her for the sport. But her back is great today, just like your precious girly. Those are some tough girls! Oh – the humidity thing – ugh. You’re preaching to the choir.

  3. Good one, dear Nancy :) I hate hot weather too. Prayers for your daughter that all goes well and summer hugs for you, her concerned mother.

  4. Sending prayers for your daughter, hope all will go well.
    As for the weather…we are at 100° F as well. Too hot for me. I garden in the early morning and enjoy the evening cool, but stay inside during the day and remember the many times I complained about our Spring snow. This too shall pass. :)

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I’ve been going through the same feelings as you. My husband had spine surgery 12 days ago. He’s doing better. I hope that your daughter’s surgery goes as well as his has. Take care …she’s on my long list to pray for.

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