Uh, Moist

Rain, rain, rain...

“Intermittent rain, I’ve learned,
Which forecasts tell about,
Is rain that stops when I go in
And starts when I come out.”
– Elizabeth Dolan

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Uh, Moist”

  1. Hey there Nancy girl .. here I am trying to catch up on reading blogs and I have a few HUNDRED things to do today ! LOL
    That little poem is so true .. especially for you right now ? .. We are still locked into the HEAT here but tomorrow we are supposed to have rain .. I so hope it happens and things cool down a bit.
    Your photo is so pretty with the rain drops .. I love those types and I try to catch a few myself : )

  2. Very well done. Lord, that’s a fabulous picture, Nancy. There’s something about “blue” in a garden that really gets me going. The poem has an element of frustration! LOL.

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