A Peek At My Big Bloomers

The colour of this "violet" geranium is almost fluorescent!

Despite some heavy showers last evening, Miss Violet has turned her face to the light this morning with this one, almost fluorescent bloom.  The colour is so difficult to capture with a digital camera, but while this initial bloom shows not much “violet” colour, the gradation is spectacular.  A dark pink (violet?) blends into an almost coral colour in the center.  Hopefully I can get some truer shots when it fully opens.  Have you ever seen anyone get so excited over a geranium?  No matter what else I plant, geraniums are always big bloomers for me.

Another new acquisition...

Charlie picked up this beauty on the weekend — it is a bright pink with a deep red center and is loaded in buds.

Another big bloomer...

This lavender geranium is just starting to pick up speed and has a flush of blooms and buds.

A favourite combination...

And though the pinks and reds are lovely, I believe this true orange (not coral) colour with the purplish blue lobelia is my favourite combination of all.  I love these two colours in the garden.

There’s lots of colour on the deck this morning — there’s lots of colour everywhere!  Can you imagine a lovelier roadside display than this one, just across the street?

A colourful display for the first day of summer...

The yellow plants are common birdsfoot trefoil, the pink is clover, the hint of blue is cow vetch and some of the white blooms are wild blackberries, though I’m unsure of the shrubs with white blooms in the distance.  The roadside for as far as I can see, left and right, looks like this…

The cows have settled into their summer home.

and this.  You can see a few cows in the top of the frame — I think it must be a wonderful spot to graze, even on a dull day like today.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my big bloomers. ;)

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “A Peek At My Big Bloomers”

  1. I did enjoy them, Nancy, they are beautiful pictures! I love the road-side shots the most. Are they near where you live? Geraniums are among my favorites as well, especially the true orange color though it is hard to find here. Last year my gardens were full of them. The variety I look for is Tangerine or Rocky Mountain Orange.

    Hi Meredith — yes, the roadside in the pics is just across the street from me…maybe 60 feet from my deck. :) I do love those oranges — this is an ivy geranium bought at our supermarket’s garden center and is a Caliente Orange ( http://tinyurl.com/2u5urg6 ).

  2. They are beautiful! I haven’t had geraniums in my garden for a few years now, but they’re definitely going on the list to be added. The countryside looks so peaceful… you’re very lucky to enjoy such beauty.

  3. Your geraniums are so pretty Nancy. They are one of my favorites too. The cows have a very lovely field to roam around in. Enjoy your summer.

  4. I love geraniums, too, Nancy! The only ones really blooming for me right now are my Martha Washingtons. I’d kept my ones from last year in the basement and they’ve been really slow at getting started, but they’re coming.

    That’s how our roadsides look, too. Nature’s color combinations are fabulous – just right. :-)

  5. Yes, I like that color combination, too. We have lots of the same colors this year, except I don’t have red geraniums.

    You must love looking out at that field. If it is like the one behind my house, it is constantly changing scene, with colors coming and going. I wish we had cows to look at, and sheep would be nice, too.

  6. I lost my lavender geranium this last winter so your pic was a reminder of what a beauty I’ve lost. Only growing red ones this year but a look at your lovely bloomers is making me think twice about my mono planting! The pasture looks so inviting – and not just for cows

    Laura x

  7. I absolutely love the look of roadside wildflowers, especially birdsfoot trefoil. Everyone else drives blithely by while I admire how pretty they all look!

  8. Nancy girl how are ya’ !
    Love your big bloomers girl : ) they are very pretty and I understand your excitement all too well .. I was all a flutter and amazement with a new helenium plant bloomer beautifully (post to follow some time today) it isn’t supposed to flower this early .. it is way out of whack !
    You have such a beautiful view across the road .. I would trade my back fence view with my neighbor “in my face” view any day with you ! haha
    Summer Solstice today and it is an eerie feeling .. I have already noticed the sun rises just a little later and the dark evening is coming just a little earlier .. eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!! LOL

  9. I never have very good luck with geraniums. They never get big and full like other people’s. I just read that zonal geraniums are toxic to J. Beetles. They land on them and start to eat and are paralyzed. Who knew?

    I feed my geraniums regularly, Balisha — maybe I’m just lucky. They seem to do well for me — sun or shade, hot or cool. :) I just use an all purpose fertilizer for bloomers, such as Miracle Grow, and they usually become huge, but not just leaves and no flowers. I’ll be sure to take lots more pics as they grow and fill out. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Aren’t you lucky to see such loveliness right out your door! I so loved it. And I enjoyed your geraniums since I am for some reason unable to grow them!

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