GGW’s June Picture This Photo Contest Entry

Sometimes "simple" appeals the most...

For this month’s Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Contest, we are encouraged to submit our favourite gardening photo creation.  While it would be impossible to choose a “best photo ever taken” from the hundreds that please me, this bright red petunia would be one of my faves.

I chose this shot because I was happy to be able to capture the true, velvety red of this bloom — those who use digital cameras know how difficult it is to capture those bright reds and pinks authentically.  The simple background of sky and trees that is thrown out of focus makes a nice contrast, I think.  I guess I just like the simple composition.

I encourage you all to check out the amazing entries at GGW’s site — I don’t envy the judge’s task.  Good luck to all!

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “GGW’s June Picture This Photo Contest Entry”

  1. I like the photo very much because it juxtaposes such red with such green. Even if it IS a petunia (AnnaFlowerGardenGirl will be giggling about that! ) :-) Best of luck, Nancy–I no longer participate in that or any other competition, but I cheer on my friends.

  2. Lovely, Nancy! I like the simplicity of this photo, and as you say, it’s very hard to capture the true color of a red or pink flower. With all your beautiful photos, it must have been very difficult to choose just one!

  3. Nancy my hat is off to you! I have such a hard time photographing the reds and like you said, this one is brilliant. I can tell it’s an exact representation of what you see. Fabulous job. Hope it wins for you!
    ps the view across the way from you is amazing. Great countryside.

  4. Great photo. Remind me of a floppy hat. The picture really shows how soft the petals of a petunia are. Good luck in the contest.
    ps. I like your grandchild quote on your sidebar. We are expecting our first grandchild in July. I can hardly stand the wait!

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