Pale By Comparison

The lawns are still lush and green from recent rain.

While waiting for a contractor to formulate a quote on some roofing work last evening, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the blooms on the back side of the apartment building.  It was about an hour before sunset and the soft light nicely showcased the green of the lawns and in particular, the beautiful spirea hedge, above.  The shrub to the left is a viburnum, also in bloom.

The milky white blooms cascade like waterfalls.

I’d never thought spirea to be especially pretty, but upon closer inspection, their little white blossoms are quite spectacular.

I like the intricacy of these little blossoms.

The viburnum blooms were wonderful in dusk’s golden light.

Viburnum triloba in bloom - very fragrant

The shrub below is referred to by the residents as a Burning Bush, but I’m not certain that it is.  It does turn a stunning red in the autumn, so could well be.  Perhaps some of you will be able to identify it from its leaves and blooms.

Love that lush green foliage.

The property is surrounded by a wash of white, and though these blooms are very beautiful in contrast with that fresh green foliage, they pale by comparison to the two later-blooming rhododendrons that are just about at their peak.

A pretty frock, Ms. Rhodie!
A closer look...

But the star of the evening was the lavender coloured rhododendron that is simply drenched in blooms.  Despite little care by way of weeding, pruning, or fertilizing and despite the unidentified companion plant that is trying hard to choke this rhododendron out, she always puts on the most amazing show.

This bush has grown by leaps and bounds since last summer.
Aren't their blooms exquisite?
Bees and other pollinators love them and the bush was humming with activity.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this short sunset tour of Kingsford Arms.  There are some beautiful roses that are nearly in bloom, but I’ll save those for another post.  It really does look like June is bustin’ out all over!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Pale By Comparison”

  1. I always thrill at how each seasons’ beginnings migrate northward week after week until your June looks like our April. We all get to experience Spring over and over and over again as new blogging buddies show off their area. LOVE your photos and experiences! Thanks so much!

  2. I love the white bushes, They may not stand out, but close up, they are beautiful. My mom use to make us Easter hats with flowers like the ones in your third shot. Maybe my love of white is a memory thing.

  3. Nancy, When I was growing up, we had a couple of bushes we called ‘Bridle Veil.’ I should do a search to see what it is. Your spirea sparked a memory. :-) Your viburnum reminds me of a new hydrangea I planted last year (which is in bloom right now). How nice of the contractor to give you time to take all these lovely photos!!

  4. Thanks for the tour, Nancy–the rhododendrons are gorgeous! I always liked the old-fashioned spirea; growing up, we had a lot of these shrubs, and they always bring back memories of my childhood.

  5. I’ve always loved that particular Spirea for some reason. Thumburgii, I think it is. It has the most informal possible look, doesn’t it? Yet, it packs all that ice cream on top with those heavily-laden blossoms. As a stand-alone plant, they beg never to be pruned, shooting out in spires from a nice little anarchistic lump. Very cool plant. And look at your Rhodies!! Oh my, lol, aren’t they great? Loved the tour, Nancy, thanks!

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