Home-Sweet Things

Pelargonium hortorum

Red Geraniums

Life did not bring me silken gowns,
Nor jewels for my hair,
Nor signs of gabled foreign towns
In distant countries fair,
But I can glimpse, beyond my pane, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame upon my window sill.

The brambled cares of everyday,
The tiny humdrum things,
May bind my feet when they would stray,
But still my heart has wings
While red geraniums are bloomed against my window glass,
And low above my green-sweet hill the gypsy wind-clouds pass.

And if my dreamings ne’er come true,
The brightest and the best,
But leave me lone my journey through,
I’ll set my heart at rest,
And thank God for home-sweet things, a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame upon my window sill.

Martha Haskell Clark


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Home-Sweet Things”

  1. One of my favorite poems and a favorite flower. Love your new name and look. Have a nice weekend.

    Thank you, Balisha — everyone seems to like the new template which is important to me…I do think it’s much easier to read, and it’s also easier to compose in, too. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend…we’re just about water-logged here in Nova Scotia!

  2. Gorgeous photo Nancy. I love that you caught the spider thread too. Such detail. Have a great weekend!

    Thanks, Kathleen and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, too.

  3. I love geraniums. Beautiful photo Nancy. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    Well, we might need an ark, soon, but at least everything looks green and lush…this rain was badly needed for farmers and wells, etc. but enough is enough, me thinks. :)

  4. I have read that poem before and loved it! Red geraniums on a windowsill convey the image of home and family. Your red geranium is worthy of the poem!

    Thanks, Deb — I do like the poem and it’s pretty much reflective of my own life. :)

  5. Nancy girl that is a gorgeous and wistful pairing .. the red is truly flame like and the poem is perfect.
    Today we have rain and I am VERY grateful indeed !
    Joy : )

    Well, today we have rain, too, but as I mentioned above, we might soon need an ark! :) I do hope you weren’t close to the tornado that ripped through Ontario last night…I must get my map out!

  6. What rich colours, especially with this fabulous background, Nancy. And yes, the home sweet things are so often the very best.

    Thanks so much, jodi — I’m glad the background is well liked. I really do think it’s much easier to read. I love this poem, mostly because I think it reflects my experience and feeling about life. :) Hope you haven’t floated away…tell Lowell to keep the boat tied up! Hee!

  7. What a fantastic photo Nancy. That poem has me close to tears. My mother would have loved it so much because I know that is how she felt. She always, always grew the red geraniums (pelargoniums).

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