Planting Practically Purple Pelargonium

Pelargonium x hortorum - violet

I was so excited to find this wine coloured geranium today!  Though some may think them to be “Granny plants”, geraniums are always star performers for me and I do have a soft spot for them.  I’m going to pair them with some hot pink verbena, such as that pictured below that I purchased in a hanging basket last year.  They’ll be planted in an iron black container and I think they’ll brighten up any corner of the deck, don’t you?  Oh, the beautiful annuals I’ve seen this year.  Now, if only my pocketbook were as large as my eyes!

Bright pink verbena

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Planting Practically Purple Pelargonium”

  1. It is just gorgeous … what a colour. I like the sound of the combination … the verbena is a great companion for that lovely pellie. You’ve got me keen to get out to the nurseries to look at more annuals too … need a better job to pay for them all!!

    Amen to that! :)

  2. Granny plants??? LOL! I happen to love geraniums too–I bought one the other day at Brooklyn Farms out in Grafton that is an electric-hot fuchsia colour. I don’t think I can photograph it digitally and do it justice. It’s almost as hot as the ‘Graffiti Violet’ one I have. (I’m too lazy to fall out to the greenhouse in the dark and see which one it is. So I’m totally on board with you on this one–it’s a glorious thing.
    Proven Winners sent me a half-dozen annual cultivars to trial, including Pretty Much Picasso Petunia AGAIN (sigh). There’s a calibrachoa with dark-burgundy flowers that might be interesting, and a trailing annual phlox; also a verbena, but I haven’t looked at the literature yet and can’t remember which is which. ;-)

    ‘Grandmother/Granny plant’ was a term I fist read in one of Stuart’s posts, thought Stuart himself took issue with the term. :) The ‘Grafitti Violet’ is a pretty one — I love the hot, bright colours in most plants. Some of the cultivars you received sound very interesting. I’d seen ‘Pretty Much Picasso” on Anna’s blog (I’m not a petunia fan, unfortunately–though I do like the waves–just because they get so sprawly and are nasty to deadhead); I’ve seen another interesting calibrachoa colour this year that every second house has in their hanging baskets…it’s a toffee colour with a darker center called ‘Butterscotch’. Home Hardware had an urn made up with those, plus a brilliant pink and a dark blue, all mixed together — it was a gorgeous combination. Think they had any left? Um, no. Of course. :-p Can’t wait to see the burgundy ones!

  3. Nancy, these two plants are beautiful, and will look good close to each other. I love geraniums and pelargoniums.

    I hope so, Tatyana — if the wind doesn’t soon die down, I might never know! :-?

  4. There are no granny plants. There do seem to be fashions in plants, but to heck with that. Plant what pleases you, absolutely. That seems to be a marvellous geranium and I wish I had a piece!

    I agree! Some plants just fit like a pair of well worn jeans and for me, geraniums are among them. :) I sometimes feel like I should apologize for planting them, or the sunny little marigolds in my front bed! Pfffft!

  5. What a lovely colored geranium! They are old fashioned annuals I suppose, but their enduring popularity speaks volumes.

    “Enduring popularity” is a perfect way to put it — I can’t imagine my garden without them. :)

  6. oooh, nothing looks granny plant to me! I especially like the color of the first one.

    I figure I am a “granny”, so what would it matter, anyway? ;)

  7. That is going be be nice together. I like the color. All of my granny plants are shades of pink.

    I hope you’re right, Sandy — thanks for your visit!

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