Gold and Orange and Pink, Oh My!

From the driveway, gold Ninebark, a flowering crabapple, and orange quince

We spent a couple of hours at my parents house today and how beautiful their property looks this time of year.  Everything is so lush and colourful right now, as you can see from the photo above.

Japanese Dwarf Flowering Quince

This quince bush with its distinctly orange-coral blooms is at its flowery best right now.   And like the cherry bush, whose blossoms are long gone, the pollinators love this flower.

A busy pollinator

Not to be outshone by the others, this ancient Yellow Transparent apple tree (below) was in full bloom as well. It was heavy with bees.  My Dad figures the tree is over 100 years old, and though some of its arthritic branches show signs of age, it still manages to produce buckets of apples every year which, if caught early enough, make a delicious apple sauce.  The Yellow Transparent is an early apple variety, ready to eat in August — which would explain why this pretty tree was always referred to as “the August apple tree”.

Yellow Transparent Apple, over 100 years old

Finally, we brought a New Guinea Impatiens with us to hang by my parents’ back door, a belated Mother’s Day gift.  That particular side of the house gets almost all shade, so hopefully it does well.

A dazzling pink New Guinea Impatiens

Though our visit was short by necessity, I managed to get a bit of sunburn while helping Charlie replace the screen in a patio door, and inhaled enough of this gorgeous spring colour to lift the spirits.  I purchased some of the plants I’ll be using in my containers this weekend, but I’ll save those for another post.  It was unseasonably warm today, but mighty nice for May!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Gold and Orange and Pink, Oh My!”

  1. Besides having you as a loving daughter, your parents are blessed to live in a beautiful area, Nancy. The Japanese Dwarf Flowering Quince is stunning. We have a quince at the lake that the hummingbirds delight in visiting, often swooping past my head in a race to get there. Don’t know about you but it’s so HOT here for May … high 80s.

  2. Hi Bond Girl – wow what a beautiful flowering quince. I have an “eating” quince. We are a bit too cold for it and I get just a handful of quince fruit but it is fun trying to get it to grow. We had a huge hailstorm today —but, the garden pulls out of it.

  3. Lovely! I wish I could find ninebark in South Africa… I have many flowering quinces, including a double hedge from my own seedlings which contains some interesting specimens… but this is one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen! I love the spaciousness of the view – we so often overplant and lose the composition. Jack

  4. That beautiful peachy quince brings back memories of the one my mom had at our house when I was growing up. I always loved when it was blooming. I’ve got a red one (‘Crimson and Gold’) that I love, but would really like to find a peach one.

    That apple tree is amazing! We recently lost the two that Mom and Dad bought for us when we moved into this house in 1977, so they didn’t live past 32 years or so. We were told the average apple tree lives 30-40 years, so that one is something special indeed! I love it!

  5. That was a gorgeous view of your parent’s garden Nancy .. I have never seen a Quince close up .. and that orange is stunning : ) .. imagine having a tree that old in our own garden .. now that would be amazing !
    Suddenly you have made me hungry for apple sauce ? ;-)
    I just bought NG Impatience myself yesterday .. husband likes them so on the deck they go !
    We are in a heat/humidity wave and it is stifling .. I am so glad to have an escape after working in the garden .. if I didn’t have that .. well, not much “work” in the garden would happen ? LOL

  6. Wow, your parent’s place is lovely. I’ll bet you enjoy going there. I have never heard of that apple, but will look it up. Our tree is old, too, but I have no way of knowing just how old.

    Love these photos!

  7. Nancy, What a beautiful garden your folks have created…and the apple tree is fantastic…I’ve been dreaming of planting them, so I can have apples fresh from the tree! Love the quince and that it makes the bees happy. gail

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