Moooving Day

I just watched about 40 head of cattle being unloaded from trailer to pasture, just across the road from our apartment — our summer neighbours have mooooved in!

The little ones are so sweet as they run and kick their heels in the air!  It didn’t take long for the entire herd to settle into the lush green field.

Even eating must become a chore on a sultry, May afternoon as several of the cows nibbled as they relaxed.

I swear this youngster smiled at me — and who could blame him?  It must be wonderful to escape the confines of the barn and be free to roam among the sweet grass and trees.   I think we could all take a lesson from the, er, lowly cow.  I look forward to watching their antics over the coming months and listening to their moooving evening lullabyes.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Moooving Day”

  1. Hi Nancy, e.e. cummings? Am I right? I like your new look, and your new name. And you are definitely Leaping Greenly into Summer up there!! Have a great day! :-)

    Thanks, Shady! Yes, it is Cummings…one of my personal faves. :)

  2. These photos make me homesick! My dad raised herefords all the while I lived in Oklahoma. Cows are fun to watch-try this, go down my the fence and act like you are ready studying something on the ground. They will come and look, too!
    Excellent photos, Nancy.

    Thanks, Sandy. I grew up in very rural area and spent many weekends on my best friend’s farm. I can still feel the prickles on my bare arms from haying season…youch! But I still get excited when these critters arrive for the summer; it sort of makes town living a little more country, if that makes any sense. :-)

  3. The cows must be just over the moon! They get to mooove into the prettiest, tastiest field!

    It does look tasty. Hee! Poor things…it’s simply pouring out right now. Not a very nice way to spend your first night of ‘freedom’, but there are lots of trees to shelter under. :)

  4. LOL ! .. I just read Sandy’s comment and I had a fit of giggles .. that is too cute !
    Do they wake you up in the morning Nancy ? are they rather quiet ?
    I have never lived near farm animals so I am clueless .. but seeing the little ones get excited and kick up their heels must be such a sweet picture : )
    Bedtime is calling me ;-) haha
    Good Night girl !

    ‘Night, Joy…sweet dreams! They’re generally pretty quiet this time of year. Sometimes they’ll low at dusk, but I find it strangely soothing…like when the train passes through town and its whistle fades into the distance. The little ones are always cute and are so active.

  5. Oh, my, how nice to have a group of grazing cows in a nearby pasture. I’m sure they’re enjoying it.


    They certainly seem to be. :)

  6. I LOVE cows in fields and LOVE listening to the every morning and every night and LOVE watching the babies romp and play! Ah, paradise!

    We think so much alike, Debi. :) Small things that feed the soul.

  7. That cow does look like he’s got a bit of a smirk, eh? :D

    He does, indeed, look very happy. :)

    Love the new layout!

    And thank you very much!

  8. You changed your name???? I am so happy to see that you have not changed your ‘style’… your images ROCK IT OUT in the garden world. I love the mow cows and the moving blog. We live in similar areas so I feel right at home looking at your lovely captures.

    Looking forward to following your new ‘named’ blog. ;-) Happy Spring Nancy!

    Only the name is changed, Bren. :) Thanks for your visit!

  9. I can see how happy they are Nancy! It shows in your photos. I can’t blame them. I look forward to “summer pastures” myself each year. :-)

    Yup, I think the cows could teach us a lot. :)

  10. I love the new look, and the new title. We are greening a little more every day – in every sense. We live out in the country and for the first few years two farming brothers brought their young stock up to our fields for summer pasture. We loved having them, and they kept the fields ‘mown’. Eventually they had to retire and we have no more summer campers. We have to mow the fields ourselves – and miss the additions to the landscape.

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