A Bee-eautiful Sunday

We spent another lovely visit with my parents on the occasion of my Dad’s 82nd birthday today.  Many of their flowering shrubs and perennials were showing the first flush of blooms, and none could outrival this gorgeous Nanking or Chinese cherry bush.  It was awash with delicate pink blooms.

Best of all, the air was filled with the buzz of bees as they dined at each lovely blossom — it’s always a thrill for me to find these fuzzy pollinators busy at work.


Not to be outdone by the cherry, this pink azalea (below) was just beginning to show off its petals.

And the flowering quince hinted at another year of scarlet red blooms.

My parents’ property is beautifully landscaped and I’ll be sure to include more of their Spring colour as it unfolds.  I also took some photos of ‘Nature at her best’ as we travelled through a secondary, wooded road, but I’ll save those photos for another post.  It was a sunny day with summery temperatures — simply BEE-EAUTIFUL.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “A Bee-eautiful Sunday”

  1. Indeed, a beautiful Sunday post, Nancy. You are so blessed to have your parents and their lovely garden to enjoy. May hugs.

    Indeed, I am lucky, Joey. I loved your cherry blossoms, too!

  2. Now that is a capture… I can here the bee buzzing it looks so real!
    Great share – happy spring dear Garden Friend!

    And to you, Bren. :)

  3. Nancy girl : ) Those photos are gorgeous ! especially those hard working bees doing a wonderful job as usual .. I have seen some here that are so big they have a hard time flying ? LOL
    All the beautiful shrubs waking up and smiling at you .. ahhhhh Spring : ) you have to love it !

    You certainly do — it’s my favourite time of year, I think, though I love all seasons for their own beauty. :)

  4. Hi Nancy…I love the simple blooms on spring flowering shrubs and trees. This spring has been especially beautiful in my area…forsythia, azalea, magnolia, lilacs and crabapples were so pretty and long lasting…unspoiled by harsh weather. I hope the trend continues throughout the summer. Your pictures are so pretty.

    Everything seems to be long lasting in this area, too, Balisha. The forsythia, for example, that’s in bloom just off our deck is still hanging onto its blooms. It’s been a good two weeks now. We’re expecting some rain today, so that might change the picture.

  5. It sure is a lovely post. My friend in Montana posted nanking cherry blossoms this week, too. That is something I would like to have. Love that bee’s racing stripe.

    Yup, those bees are designed for speed! I planted one of these bushes myself many years ago on another property and it’s still doing well. They have a nasty habit of turning brown shortly after they bloom, but then they get another round of beautiful green leaves.

  6. Wow, how can one not love spring with all of these beautiful blooms from trees and shrubs going on. The gardens and woods are so alive now with pastel colors. The bees look happy to see those cherry blossoms. Beautiful pictures Nancy.

    Thanks, Lona — it truly is a wonderful time of year. My favourite, I think.

  7. Ah what a Pretty sight Chinese cherry bush. I never saw this plant before but it indeed is pretty. I probably visited your blog after a long time and the look and feel is very attractive. keep it up.

    Thank you so much — I hope you’ll stop by more often. :)

  8. Your photos are so wonderful, you caught the bee perfectly. There is something about a whole tree in bloom isn’t there.

    Yes, it’s certainly a wonderful time of year for blossoms…and bees! :)

  9. Such lovely blooms, Nancy, but the bees nuzzling the flowers are the best of all. A happy belated birthday to your father!

    I’m always happy to see our pollinators doing their thing, and the bush was simply covered in bees. It’s a good sign that perhaps our furry friends aren’t in so much peril after all. :)

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