All Hail!

You know the old adage that goes:  if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes?  The past half hour has certainly been a good illustration!  After having just come in from sweeping off the deck because it was just so nice outside, I couldn’t stay in my chair, black clouds rolled in and within minutes, hail the size of small peas started to pelt down.

Within 5 minutes, the hail had stopped and had turned to a heavy downpour.

In the length of time it took me to unload the above two photos, I looked out the window and saw this — beautiful, cumulus clouds on the horizon, though the dark bank above still looks threatening.  (Forgive the power lines in the photo — it was raining too hard to cross the road where I would have avoided them.)

I’m a volunteer “Weather Watcher” with Environment Canada, so I reported the hail and was told that this could continue off and on all afternoon, with some thundershowers to boot.  Mother Nature is such a showoff! :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “All Hail!”

  1. That weather is crazy!! And i love that photo of the leaf w/the droplet of water on it. It is beautiful. I’ll have to keep checking out your blog!

  2. Nancy girl I will never forget the year that happened here .. the hail hit so hard we thought the windows would break .. it was scary .. the thunder shook the house, I think I lost a few of my own “cat lives” that time … those clouds must have been fabtastic to see ! I am such a fan of clouds so I understand how you feel .. that was terrific girl !

  3. Nancy,
    One part of the Virginia mountians the car lots can not get insurance unless the cars are under cover. Because it hails so much around those parts. Pretty cool story at least you got some moisture, rain of any sort is getting rarer each year it seems.

  4. That is exactly what happened here today, but our ice balls weren’t that big. They must have had time to grow before they got to you.

    Neat deck you have!

  5. two years agoour oldest daughter was married in our back yard garden. Pat and i had just sat down and told each other how we got everything done in the yard when golf ball size hail started to fall. All we could do was watch and cry. Katie and Sean never noticed. jim

  6. And here we’ve had one day after another of April sunshine – beautiful – but so very dry. Had to do an emergency refill of the birdbath when I saw a robin pecking at what looked like a quarter sized puddle of water that was left in the bird bath. Quite something to see just how quickly the weather changes.

  7. It’s good to know Colorado isn’t the only place this happens ~ looks very familiar! It’s been very cool and rainy here (plus that snow we had this AM) ~ so I’m still wondering when it’s going to warm up? I hope soon!

  8. I remember the hail we used to get in Alberta. It could flatten your garden in 5 minutes and one year we even got a new roof because of the damage. But now we’re in Victoria and all we get are these little tiny hailstones, nothing to panic over. I like it so much better.

  9. I hope the hail didn’t leave bullet holes in any of your plants… I am shuddering at the idea of that falling on top of my young veggie plants.

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